Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

I interrupt this story in progress for exciting news...

Hi, this is Sythyry's technical support (otherwise known as beetiger.)

Sythyry's journal has a new home at!

You can read there, or you can keep reading crossposts right here (though you'll have to click through to over there to comment). You can also read Sythyry in your favorite feed reader.

The first time you comment there, your comment will be moderated, but after sythyry tells the comment filter that you aren't a spambot, you'll be able to comment freely. You won't be able to comment at LiveJournal anymore.

There's also a Share This button at the bottom of each post, in case you want to send a link to Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace, or to your friends via email.

Thanks for enjoying Sythyry!
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