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Corpador time...

My examination in Corpador started yesterday, with a sixteen-page booklet on ducks, and a four-page booklet on Cloak of Another God.

For those of you who are monsters, or who are not familiar with sophisticated magic, Cloak of Another God is a rather amazing spell: it allows a prime to take the shape of any of the other prime species. The transformation includes all physical aspects of the new shape -- those in Cani form get very keen noses (but, unfortunately, do not truly understand the details of what they are smelling); those in Orren shape transform to small otters in water; those in Zi Ri form can fly with wings. It does not include magical aspects of the new shape -- those in Zi Ri form cannot levitate or breathe fire, for one thing. This is an amazing spell in two ways: (1) it is five or ten complexity lower than a spell to transform one to a nonprime species; (2) it allows seven choices of new shape (not counting one's own shape), rather than only one. It relies very heavily on the special status of primes.

I refuse to describe ducks. I was bored with ducks on page three, and I remain bored with ducks after the whole exam.

(But I do want to get Cloak of Another God, if I can arrange it somehow. Once I'm good enough to cast it, I suppose, will do.)

And here are the questions:

  1. What is the complexity of the easiest possible Ruloc Corpador spell, using no other Arts, to remove the feathers from a duck? What are the practical dimensions (duration, range, other requirements) of such a spell?
  2. And if the spell were using Mutoc instead of Ruloc?
  3. Could it be done at all with Healoc? If so, how? If not, why not?
  4. Estimate the complexity of a spell to make a feather as strong as so much iron. (For the purpose of this exercise only, assume that iron is seven-times-twelve times as strong as a feather.)
  5. Is there any lower-complexity way for a non-Orren prime to take Orren shape than by use of the spell Cloak of Another God?
  6. If one were inventing a spell for a non-Orren prime to take Orren shape of the same complexity as Cloak of Another God, list three possible advantages it could have over Cloak of Another God.
  7. (Extra credit): Under what circumstances could one have a spell that transformed one particular species of prime into another without using Mutoc? What other Nouns would be required? Would this spell work on all primes of the first species? Estimate the complexity.

I have submitted my answers, and so discussion is permitted. Though I have not the slightest idea about the extra credit question.

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