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OOC: Crowdsource Tarot Decks Available!

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beetiger and I decided that we’d like a physical version of the
Crowdsource Tarot, to use at
our traditional Samhain divination sessions.
So beetiger went and
found a way to get card decks done print-on-demand, and put on her
layoutcritter hat, and made something real and shuffleable that can be laid
out on a table, thrown across the room, or whatever.

We just got the sample deck we made back and, well, it’s kinda awesome.
beetiger made it all beautiful with ripply colors and a nice
clear presentation of the text — upright meanings upright if the card is
upright, reversed meanings upright if it’s reversed. So we’ve decided to make
this available to those of you who might enjoy it.

The 86 card deck has the descriptive texts, together with the upright and
reversed meanings, on full color, laminated, poker-sized cards. The card
colors correspond to the colors of the rainbow, which map to the chakras,
which map to the extended version of the Maslow’s Hierarchy, which map to the
suits of the Crowdsource Tarot. The “Yes” card is the wonderful symmetrical
design by chipuni, and the backs feature a detail from an abstract
painting created by my grandmother.

Crowdsource Tarot - Dead Tree Version
Crowdsource Tarot – Dead Tree Version

In order to make this work, give you the price we want on this, and get them in time to anyone else who does divination at Halloween, we’re going to take paid preorders between now and October 9th. Each deck is $15 + $3 S/H within the US (If you are outside the US, drop us a line and we’ll figure it out.) Please either click the button below, or send PayPal to with the words “Crowdsource Tarot” in the title.

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