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OOC -- In Praise Of The Skunk

A few weeks ago beetiger offered up some of my archives of old pottery to good homes. melskunk was one of the people who volunteered to help us out.

We did ask people to give us something in exchange. It didn't have to be much -- tart_kitten sent us some well-used and well-loved family recipes, and we were muchly pleased -- but some people offered some seriously creative works.

melskunk's is the first of those to arrive entirely. Half of it was some delightful little furry footprint and face fridge magnets, so we can teach projectmothra to track various of our friends in that fandom.

And we would have been muchly pleased with that alone.

But the other half was original poetry in ... you can't really call it facing English and her conlang (whose name I have lost) because it's also computer calligraphy and the polychrome conlang text swirls around the linear black English. It's art and poetry at once. It's amazing and original and wonderful.

Now that we have her address (return address on the package) we even can send the pottery!

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