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I’m Not Infatuated. Really. [20 Chireb 4261]

The word “Zanniajaia” is the name of a long quick sinuous
molluscish sort of fish with a segmented shell, from
Mrasteia. Not that I looked in five dictionaries to find
that out. Not that I’m the least bit infatuated.

You can’t be unfaithful to your boyfriend simply by looking
in some dictionaries, can you? Even if he’s a linguist?

Here’s the conversation that didn’t happen:

Me:“Hallo! I’m a notoriously and radiently
traff Zi Ri with many important political connections and a
dear but frequently inconsiderate boyfriend!”

Zanniajaia:“Hallo! I am a wealthy and
deliciously traff Orren! I am consumed with sympathy for
your plight! Fortunately I have a white charger, with which
I shall gallop into your woeful bedchamber, sweep you up,
narrowly avoid falling off, and rescue you from your mean,
mean, ashamed boyfriend!”


The actual conversation was much more subtle. To the point
of being, well, just a conversation about, well, how
different it is to walk on two and four feet, and yes, she
does plan to get Cloak of Another God at some point,
but first Wizard’s Lens. (Could I copy it for her
and give it to her? That’s an awfully expensive present
… but magic students do trade spells traditionally.)
She’s currently interested in teleport chains and finding
the flaws in them and making new ones without the flaws
(which I don’t think anyone has done for thousands of

It’s amazing what you can’t discuss in a ninth-of-an-hour
chat after class. Where’s she from? She doesn’t sound
quite like a Vheshrame native, but I can’t place the accent.
What rank is she? Well-born, certainly. I would bet half
my feathers that she’s a non-inheriting child of a baron,
but that’s just based on jewelry and the fact that she
didn’t mention any baronning in her plans. Is she traff? If
she had a copy of Love in Hiding, it was in hiding.

And what am I going to say to Ilottat tonight?
’cause, yes, I am finally going to turn into a basic-brown
Orren girl and waddle over to the embassy and, I hope, boink
him silly and turn back into a Zi Ri and keep my heart in
one place like a sensible little lizard.

(And, for monsters reading this — yes, Orren do, happily,
cuddle up in triads and quartets and whatevers. No, Ilottat
is not interested. He’s married to one Orren and
that’s about one Orren and two Khtsoyis more than enough.)

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