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An unusual round of self-description [20 Chirreb 4260]

The current group study party game is the Cauldron of Phrases. Each player -- we should call them "scholars" -- has a stack of textbooks and class assignments. As we read and work, we keep track of focussed declarative sentences, and write down their predicates in [erasable] charcoal-stick on strips of wood.

[Focussed declarative sentence: A sentence of the form "X is Y", with emphasis on X -- "Karen is the one who speaks German (not Hubert or Emily)."]

Periodically, all the predicates are tossed into a recently-boiled chamberpot, labelled "The Cauldron of Wisdom" for the occasion. Each scholar in turn draws a strip and reads it aloud with zir name in front: "Sythyry is the way that most Ketherian cities ensure the purity of their water." Whoever says the phrase that gets the most laughter is required to take one drink.

It's a bit of a slow drinking game, or a bit of a drunken way to study, but, well, Thery is far too fond of it, and so it was that I found myself thoroughly described. The '*'s are the ones that got me to drink.

Sythyry is the way that most Ketherian cities ensure the purity of their water.

Sythyry is a dedicated group of people that formed an international society to study the movements of the Three Fencers in the sky.

Sythyry is the first non-Treverran writer to be given this very important award.

* Sythyry is extremely shy, and gets more so after each litter of puppies.

Sythyry is a consortium of five universities devoted to the investigation of bound magic.

Sythyry is sharing the benevolence of Kvarse with the inhabitants of the lower Verticals.

Sythyry is found only in a text by Pincent Vhilippon written in 1521, the Legend of Marsiet, and in a few folksongs derived therefrom.

Sythyry is made entirely of copper and the fragments of a shattered remorshka skull.

* Sythyry is controlled by a semi-mindful spirit of the teshedrel/blue variety, and is generally cooperative but is likely to become physically intimate with others of its kind at inopportune times.

Sythyry is committed to helping any blossomary or cat regardless of its condition on arrival.

Sythyry is looking for men or women to train as volunteer coordinators of prostitution.

Sythyry is immediately unhappy there, but her fortunes go from bad to worse when she hears that her father is dead in Braxeia and all his fortune has been confiscated.

Sythyry is the newest addition to our family; we own him jointly with our grandchildren, Marissa and Spordigan oa Ossnhaan.

Sythyry is an experienced player of the planned gong.

Sythyry is the epitome of Calanchian decadence.

* Sythyry is a new sculpture in the halls of the Duke of Vheshrame.

Sythyry is a throwback to what the legal community calls 'archaic punishment,' according to Derfelm.

* Sythyry is given to one Orren each year to use as he or she sees fit.

At that point, Nestrune looked entirely too pleased with himself, and I was entirely too tipsy for proper manners. I breathed on the glass of distilled spirits in his hand, cracking the glass and igniting the contents, and flew clumsily out of the window. Thery was kind (and sober) enough to bring my books back home afterwards
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