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Woe for Real-Eel, cont. [15 Chirreb 4261]

Real-Eel:“I was wondering something,
though, Vae.”

Me:“I don’t think that’s a good idea,

Real-Eel:“I’m prepared to pay.”

Me:“No, you’re not.”

Vae:“How is it you dispute that with

Me:“I know more about the price than she
does. Or than you do.”

Vae:“Not I understand…?”

Real-Eel:“I don’t understand… wouldn’t I be
paying the price to the nendrai?”

Me:“Well, no, you wouldn’t just be. She’s not
a person, as far as the law goes…”

Real-Eel:[with waxing indignation] “That’s
ridiculous. She’s nearly as much of a person as you or

Me:“Well, legally she’s not. She’s more of a
foreign city-state.”

Real-Eel:[With waning indignation]“I … what
does that mean?”

Me:“It means that Vheshrame is officially
worried about trading issues with her, for one thing.
Commerce is supposed to go through me at the moment, pretty

Real-Eel:“That’s insane and ridiculous and
cruel. Is the Duke so poor that he he has to get his

Me:“Um … no. His share would only be two or
three lozens so far anyways.”

Real-Eel:“Well, that’s a ridiculous demand, and
a greedy one, and …”

Me:“Um … R-E? Don’t say anything you don’t
want the Duke to hear in about a third of an hour.”

Real-Eel:“You’d tell him?”

Me:“I wouldn’t even be asked. Do you imagine
that the Vheshrame guard isn’t watching us with a dozen
different scriers? They’re very worried about

Real-Eel:“Well, this isn’t any danger to the
city — it’s not even for me! Vingi needs to get
home in a hurry, for some court case against his

Me:“Maybe you can ask the Duke for an
exception? Or Kaim-Su? Kaim-Su is easier to get ahold of
– he’s probably just inside the Halflight Gate.”

Real-Eel burbled unhappily at me for a bit. I burbled
unhappily back at her. Honestly I don’t know what the right
thing for this situation is at all, but the duke is pretty
clear about wanting to limit commerce with Vae to, well,
someone he can control. Some Zi Ri he can control.

Real-Eel:“All right, you win, Zi Ri. I’ll go
talk to Kaim-Su. You’re not being the best friend I ever
had though.”

Which stung, since I had, in fact, just saved her from
getting punished by a thoroughly irate duke.

And she rode Nestrune’s horse off to the Halflight Gate.

Vae:“Should I be upset at that,
Sythyry? For it’s not very free for me, is how it seems at

I had forgotten that she was sentient and standing there
listening, despite being a little pig.

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