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In Which Levande is a Monster [12 Chirreb 4261]

Thery died, of course.

Which is to say, she died a dozen and some times, and got
dragged back to life each time. Which is rather a lot for a
medical matter. It’s a pretty high penalty for
doorwaying, even.

(As an aside: The baby didn’t die at all, which was the
point. I imagine Thery could have gotten away with only two
or three deaths if they didn’t mind having the baby die once
or twice too. But dying before you’re properly born is, I
gather, a very bad thing.)

Sometime an hour or three before the sun went out,
Chrentothany came out of Thery’s room. We were waiting in
the lobby of the Pavilion of Splendor, trying not to look
nervous, and trying not to look at the other gang of a dozen
or so people waiting for the fate of their husband who was
being eaten by yarthas, or, perhaps, being saved from the

We surmised that it was a bad sign when Chrentothany tried
to slink past us without saying anything. He surely
recognized Levande and me, if nothing else. We surely
recognized him, too, and Levande arrested him by means
partly verbal, partly physical, and partly moral.

Chrentothany:“No, the situation is not so
good. I have done what a healer can do; I am out of cley.
I have left her in the hands of a nurse, who will save the
baby if she can be saved.”

Levande:“You didn’t use the ritual I bought

Chrentothany:“No — “ and lapsed into some
incomprehensible medical jargon about why not.

Levande:“If you had more cley, could you do

Chrentothany:“Well, I could do more of the
same. It might suffice, it might not.”
More medical
jargon followed.

The ensuing argument was rather bitter. Chrentothany’s side
was that Thery had used up an entire expert healer for an
entire day, which is pretty much all that anyone short of
greater nobility or greater wizardry gets. (Given that
Chrentothany can typically save, oh, two dozen people in a
day, or half that if he binds spells with the day’s leftover
cley, using a full day’s power on one person is a poor
economy; using several days’ is even poorer.) Levande’s was
that more could be done to save Thery.

Levande:[finally]“It seems to me that you have
two choices. You can get more cley, or you can get another
healer to take over where you have failed.”

Chrentothany:“Neither one is

Levande:“Then I present a third choice.
Sythyry and I will persecute and torment you to the fullest
scope of my ability for so long as you are in Vheshrame
Mene, or in those city-states where the word of the Duke of
Vheshrame is heavy. And if you seek to escape more fully
than that, I daresay the gentlebeast who attends on Sythyry
will work a quicker and crueller punishment than any I could
come up with.”

I was a bit disconcerted to be added to the list of
punishers, especially using Vae as a weapon. I couldn’t
argue with the sentiment though. Though it’s really not a
good idea to bully a healer. Even one in his despairs at
being about to lose a patient.

Within the third part of an hour, a second healer –
Dathrynne something-or-other, a Herethroy co-lover — was
attending Thery.

Before the sun had entirely gone out:

  1. Thery and Macropodia Elegans were definitively going to survive.
  2. Thery’s belly was thoroughly ripped apart.
  3. Thery had died enough times so that ordinary
    belly-healing spells weren’t going to help much, and she was
    going to need two or three weeks (!) of further medical
  4. Macropodia Elegans was a little tiny slip of a Rassimel
    girl, named Ficina. We got to see her for about a
    minute, wrapped in blankets, in Yarwain’s arms.
  5. Yarwain didn’t look in much better shape than Thery,
    except that he was walking and intact and all the blood on him was
    hers. But he looked quite happy. He had been a tad worried,
    I gather, though not as berserkly worried as Thery.
  6. I might admit that occasionally mammalian reproduction
    gets close to being as awful as Zi Ri reproduction. I
    would probably hurt more than Thery did, though I wouldn’t
    be in nearly as bad shape afterwards.

Which was a distinct improvement over a few hours before.

The remaining problem: Thery wasn’t going to be any good for
anything except bleeding for nearly a month. Yarwain
can’t lactate. Not nearly as bad as the last problem, but,
well, Ficina won’t do well on just babywine for a month.

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