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Classes, finally [2 Chirreb 4261]

Appreciation of Chairs, taught by Prof. Yrrkyrr. He didn’t
give me a very good grade last term. He’s a bit of a
Rassimel bigot — in the sense that Rassimel get better
grades than non-Rassimel for exactly the same work.
(Viz. Yarwain and I worked together on everything, but
Yarwain got “Finely Considered” and I got “Tolerably

Still, he remembered me, and he would be glad to have me in
his class again. And it’s a late afternoon class, and he
is an interesting lecturer, and I was a bit desparate
for a fourth class. I’m officially not doing very well on
Eitharheinen’s requirements for getting my big stipend, but
I think zie won’t mind. In any case, I’m getting adventurer
experience up to my snout and ten times deeper, which should
make up for it.

Speaking of which: I bought an assortment of minor spells in
a variety of arts, including some which exercise as many as
they can cram into a tiny spell, which I must make sure to
cast when I’m with Vae or on my way to her.

Yuck. Now I’m thinking like an adventurer.

The kind of adventurer who takes a course on Appreciation of
Chairs, yet.

Sythyry’s Courses (third term of 4261)


Course Teacher Other Students Schedule
Applied Enchantment III Prof. Nethry Alzagond (Rassimel woman) Esory, Rhedwy, Irigatur Every morning at dawn, of course
Nendrai Ethology Profs. Wynge and Phrass Ilottat, Anoof, Cheffnarry, Esory, Ghirbis Vlaan,
Havune, Leiska, Mendrugai, Narngi, Nestrune, Real-Eel,
Rhedwy, Spirshash, Strenata, Tethezai, Valeriant, Yarwain,
and a few people I don’t know.
Every third day, after I get back from Vae, so they
can get the latest report.
Appreciation of Chairs Yrrkyrr Ilottat Afternoons on the 2nd, 5th, 8th, etc.
Dissection of Spells Gostegg Some advanced students I don’t know After ‘Chairs’ but only on the 2nd and 5th days of the
Formal Enchantment II Prof. Trillisanguinus Spreen (Rassimel woman) More of the same. ~Mother~ shall be so pleased.
I shall be so more stipendulous.
(Late morning)
Applied Enchantment II Prof. Nethry Alzagond (Rassimel woman) Perhaps I shall finish the cursed thing this time
Very Dangerous Knobbles Prof. Vengtomerax Bloodthorn Tears-bringer (Gormoror woman!) A course on spellbinding. The name of the course refers
to the use of attaching spells to little lumps of this
or that, for use as traps.
Biology of Elementals Prof. Verra Tardamos (Rassimel man) One of those marginally-magical courses, half natural
philosophy and half magic, with which I must pad my
studies because Enchantment takes so much cley
and I don’t really have enough left for something like
spell invention. Still, I have more or less decided
that I shall be an enchanter. Esory is being entirely
too influential…. or, perhaps, ~mother~ is.
(Late morning)
Leap into this Pool of Boiling Acid Prof. Phrass Another course of anecdotes and snippets of history,
this one about famous demises and the demises of famous
people. It is arguably the most practical course I am
taking — at least, Ghirbis argues so. It will
contribute greatly to my powers of smalltalk at court.

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