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I spraddled with Yarwain and Iska most of last night.

I hope that sounds worse than it actually is. We covered the floor of Yarwain's study with many many leaves, upon which are painted little wiggles which whoever painted them thought represented important things in the collection. My own wiggles are perfectly understandable, except to Yarwain. Yarwain's are incomprehensible to everyone except for himself and Iska. Iska's are not simply comprehensible, they are pretty, curse her.

[A couple of very technical paragraphs omitted, mainly because Bard couldn't make much sense of them. -bb]

So, Durnokk's collection is actually not that much inferior to Ilpomino Pandarff's collection of metal boxes, which we spraddled in class. Pandarff has, on the whole, the better pieces; Durnokk has a greater variety, a greater intensity, and a greater depth of character, and so on.

This is very silly, considering that Durnokk is Gormoror and Pandarff is Rassimel -- how could a Gormoror possibly collect things as well as a Rassimel? But we went through and checked everything. Iska found five minor mistakes, two of them mine, three of them Yarwain's, curse her.

So much for spraddling. Now I shall sleep, and, when I wake, see whether or not Strenata cancels our assignation for later today.

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