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Hunting Classes Too Late, part 1 [2 Chirreb 4261]

Yesterday was the day set aside for upperclassfolk to visit
professors of classes they were considering taking. For
some reason — perhaps my roommate’s singing? — I was too
distracted to actually get to it. So I had to do it today,
as best as I could.

Dissection of Spells

Nobody really takes Dissection of Seplls. It’s about Magic
Analysis, which is very rarely important for most people.
Yeah, professional mages have to know some, but mostly they
just pick it up during more applied courses. It’s got a
reputation for being hideously dull.

I decided to sign up for it. Not because I think that
knowing what Vae is doing to me will help me at all. Because
I want this semester to be hideously dull.

So I flew to his office, and scratched on the door, which
was open.

Me:“Prof Gostegg? I’m Sythyry… I’d like to
take your course on Dissection of Spells.”

He looked up and curled his tail friendlily. (He’s a
Rassimel, and looks fairly old.) “One moment, please…” He
had an earthenware pitcher of water on his desk, and a
goblet on a stack of what were probably old homeworks. He
dumped pitcher and goblet out the window.

I can see why he’s teaching Dissection of Spells, if he
figured out how Vae’s Umbrella of Ultimate Evil spell works
at just a glance.

Prof. Gostegg:“That should take care of one set
of surprises. Come in.”
He assumed a very serious
expression. “I shouldn’t let you take it. You’re late,
for one thing, and you’re surely planning to cheat.”

Me:something incoherent and denyiatory.

Prof. Gostegg:[grinning a bit.]“Well, you can’t
use that Eye on any examinations, at least.”

Me:something else incoherent.

Prof. Gostegg:“No, no. You can take the class.
I do warn you that all the other students are graduate
students, and it’s rather a small class — you’ll be the
fifth student in it, as I recall.”

Me:something incoherent and thankishly

Prof. Gostegg:“Out of curiosity, why do you
have that quite peculiar liquid-shunting spell on?”

He may be good at magic analysis, but he doesn’t read the

Me:“The nendrai put it on me.”

Prof. Gostegg:“Oh, bosh. You jest. … It
is spontaneous, though, isn’t it? Touch range
… and cast without cley … and with a great predominance
of Mutoc. You, perhaps, do not jest?”

(I wasn’t entirely aware you could even tell all that by
looking at an active spell.)

Me:“I do not jest.”

Prof. Gostegg:“Where on the Tree did you meet a

Me:“Just outside the Halflight Gate.”

He insisted that I tell him the full story.

Prof. Gostegg:“Oh, my. Remarkable.”

Me:“That’s why I want to take the class.”

Prof. Gostegg:“May I use you as an example once
or twice during the term?”

Me:“I am getting rather used to being used for
this or that.”

He took it as a yes, which I suppose it was.

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