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[25 Lage 4261]


Yylhauntra wrote back, saying, in many more words, This
is a highly regrettable circumstance, and in particular I
regret anything I had to do with causing it. As time and
situation allow, I will do my best to extricate you from
My whole family seems to agree on this point, which
I am quite glad of.

The Duke

Which lead to the following explanation.

Ilottat:“I think gwn, I know, why the duke of
Vheshrame is so determined to have you and nobody else as
the ambassador to Vae.”

Me:“Because he’s annoyed with Hezimikkinen and
finding other ways to get revenge on zir?”

Ilottat:“Nullo modo! Something more practical,
as your hinting about that seven-winged incendio

Me:“Because he doesn’t have to pay me?”

Ilottat:“Because, angobeithio, if anything
happens to you, he will instantly have seven and a half
armies of angry Zi Ri bent on revenge. Glikkonen zirself
counting as six of those, and Verehinga another


Ilottat:“For free, I should think.”

I didn’t know what to say about that, and I still don’t. It
sounds awfully plausible, and plausibly awful.

Macropodia Elegans

I finally got the time and energy to visit Thery, Yarwain,
Iska, and Macropodia Elegans. Yes, Iska is more or less
living with them now. I don’t know if she’s Yarwain’s
lover, Thery’s lover, both their lover, just a friend, or
just a serious disappointment to whoever is paying her
scholarship and expecting her to study maths.

Macropodia may be Elegans, or may not be, but Thery is not
looking Elegans. She is looking ragged and mostly deflated
except around the belly, careworn and ill. “Chrentothany is
not pleased with my progress, I’m afraid. Though he is glad
to have that new ritual spell Levande bought him. He
tried it out on Baron Tigerslaan’s new son. If it works on
Macropodia Elegans, I will consider myself well and truly
bribed in anything that Levande wants, except for my husband
and my child. A pity that doesn’t leave much left of me for
the next few years.”

They’re all trying to be cheerful. I must admire them for
it. Though if things get any worse for them, I may coerce
Vae into doing … well, I don’t exactly know what. What’s
the point to being Ambassador to A Nendrai if I can’t get
occasional favors like that?

Well, assuming anyone thinks it’s a favor.


No huge surprises here. A fairly bad term, all in all, but
at least not in ways that will lose my stipend, or will have
much to do with the true purpose of a Vheshrame Academy
education. Indeed, I could fail all my classes and still
get the most important part of a Vheshrame Academy education, at this

Formal Enchantment Superficially Followed. My ~mother~ … whom I should
be referring to as Eitharheinen more often … is
expecting this, and will not be too upset.
Applied Enchantment Thoroughly Labored. Seems appropriate. I did a great
deal of work (mostly unsuccessful), and only tossed aside
one week for boyfriend duties.
Very Dangerous Knobbles Nobly Excused. Which is technically pretty
accurate. I was excused for, well, going off to war at
the last minute.
Biology of Elementals Well-Reasoned. Not that it’s true, that’s just a plea
Leap into this Pool of Boiling Acid Excessively Excelled, as also decided.

Next Term

Applied Enchantment, and Ethology of Nendrai. I suppose I
might take something else too. It hardly matters.

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