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Aftermaths [24 Lage 4261]

The Irrigation

Vae insisted on staying for a while and putting out the
fires. She did this by means of a mighty thunderstorm, of
course, which probably did as much harm as it did good. Or
more if the lightning hit anyone. (I returned the
seven-winged burning thing to its usual place, of course.)

She didn’t help the hugeng she had destroyed. “Disgusting
and vicious half-people, they are, and it’s me and Sythyry
they attacked.” The blee and mherobump and taptet didn’t
seem to mind, or, perhaps, didn’t seem to want to argue.

(In all honesty, I hadn’t burned up that much of Bfelmykh –
two or three dozen houses were on fire, and they had had
less than a third of an hour to burn.. After the rain, a
couple were probably not safe to live in anymore. The
seven-winged burning thing was just bored, not trying to
destroy the city.)

She made up with Nthuur. She more or less made out
with Nthuur. I was not jealous. I would not have been
jealous even if she’d done it in Orren form.

I didn’t ask about the other yuldakai. Despite my knowing
the language, nobody in Bfelmykh wanted to talk to me.

And then she brought us (herself and me, not Nthuur) back to Vheshrame.

Vae:“That’s Bfelmykh. You can see why I like

No. No, I could not. I knew better than to ask her to
explain, though. She’d probably explain with some other act
of sorcery and devastation.

The Conversation (part 1)

Me:“Vae? Please don’t do that sort of thing


Me:“It’s very disturbing. And not very safe
for me.”

Vae:“Oh, there’s a sorrow on me for any
distressing I’ve put in you!”
She sounded sincere.

Me:“So, please don’t, well, cast spells on me
without asking me first. Or take me on trips to distant
non-prime branches. Or anything like that.”

Vae:“Well, if you prefer it that way, I shall
not do.”

Me:“Thanks!” I am, in fact, determined to
be the best ambassador to Vaisessasilmin that I can be.
Some days that just isn’t a very good one.

Me:“Oh, and I’ve still got this book for

Vae:“Oooh! Wonderfully!”

She sort of danced around happily with it for a bit. At
least it didn’t look like an orgasm.

We chatted about this and that for a few more minutes. I
wasn’t at the top of my form, I’m afraid.

Me:“I’m sorry — I’m a touch rattled
today. Let’s talk more next time, when you’ve had a chance
to read some stories?”

Vae:“Oh, the certainly!”

Me:“Very well — cheerio!”

And she tapped me with her tail and tried to teleport me
home. Just as she’d promised five minutes ago not to do. Of
course it didn’t work, since the city wall is in the way,
but it did make the city wall ring like a huge bell to the
Locador part of the magic sense, and probably wake up every
sorcerer in Vheshrame Mene.

Me:“Vae? You said you wouldn’t do

Vae:“Oh, the truly! I’m sorry. I shan’t do it

Me:“No problem, really. But I’d rather

We said goodbyeish kinds of things, and I flew back to the
Halflight Gate. And realized I’d forgotten to ask what to
get her next, or get any trade goods, or whatever.

The Interrogation

Of course the whole city guard and every sorcerer in
Vheshrame was waiting for me. Vae’s bonging the city wall
wasn’t even the noisy bit. She had drawn a very bright
Locador line from Vheshrame to Bfelmykh, and then
underscored it three more times. Teleporting a region, the
way she had done, is a very cacophanous process. It is most
visible from outside of our universe, as a glowing molten
line pointing conveniently at Vheshrame.

This is not entirely a good thing.

Indeed, Vheshrame (and Bfelmykh, not that anyone should
care) are now nicely pointed out to any offworld
unpleasantnesses that might be looking for a good World Tree
vacation spot.

I explained my role in the matter about
72347829510965187324653287462938465132498327509243 times,
each one more frustrated than the last one. Several people
seemed to be under the impression that I had some influence
over Vae’s actions.

I offered to resign. Several friends supported my offer.
No such luck.

Finally, four good sorcerers did some very fancy magic to
heal the glowy bit caused by the first jump. Now the
offworld monsters are pointed at either
nowhere-in-particular in the middle air, or Bfelmykh.

Some other sorcerers contemplated undoing what Vae did to my
mind, but the dangers are large and I don’t really need to
know what “If you
can read
this, you’re
” really said, so we decided not to.

The Assignation

Ilottat and most of my roommates were waiting for me when I
got back home. Brandy. Dinner. Brandy. Sex. Brandy.
Ilottat tucked me into my fireplace, and curled up on the
bed in case I wanted company in the night. I woke up an
hour ago, dreaming of that yuldakai the seven-winged burning
thing might have killed, and felt mostly sober and like
writing to put my head in some little bit of order. Now I
shall have more brandy and go sleep on my boyfriend.

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