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Saving the City, One Storybook at a Time [23 Lage

Usually when I seek books, I go to either The Bookshop of
the Three Parasols or Maketallow Street Books. The Three
Parasols is nicer, has more books on fun topics, and is on
the public pond and thus good place to ogle unclothed Orren,
even early on in one’s first year when has not exactly
proclaimed the full extent of one’s Orren-ogling obsession.
Maketallow Street Books is close to classes, and sells many

I have been somewhat extravagant about buying books since I
got my full allowance, in part because I have a particular
facet of my allowance devoted entirely to buying books. I
have not been so extravagant about reading them. I must see
if I can cast Extra Sleep in the Morning or some
other time-creating spells. Unfortunately, Sustenoc
Tempador (which Zi Ri are of course best at) works just the
wrong way, restraining the passing of time and thereby
depriving the subject of hours, rather than providing extra
ones. Useful in combat, but not in study. And of course I
have barely paid any attention to Tempador. In any case,
I don’t think I’ll be reading all these books any time soon.

And in any anycase, I don’t know much about buying
storybooks for nendrai. Time to learn.

Various of my underpaid and possibly underappreciated
consultants have noted that certain kinds of stories are not
advisable. Stories of killing or tricking nendrai, for
one… and stories of cross-species romance, for another. (I
did happen to pick up Love in Hiding, which is
a collection of out-and-out traff love stories, but that’s
for me. And Ilottat, if I can get him to read them.)

Four bookstores later, I found The Candle in the
, a collection of stories about a Herethroy
village and their wherriwheffle friends — gentle little
countryside stories, with lots of emphasis on the
description of the lands outside the city walls (which I’m
sure Vae can appreciate). No villains in this book! Most of
the stories have someone making some sort of mistake — a
wherriwheffle letting goats into the Herethroy’s hosh field
– and, usually, trying to fix it in a very sincere and
often misguided way. Eventually things get fixed. The book
covers about six years’ time, with the clumsy and careless
protagonists of the first stories quite naturally maturing
to be the ones who solve the problems that their younger
siblings cause, by the final stories.

Yes, I read the whole Khtsoyis-smooching thing. Carefully.
In case Vae wants to chat about it or something.

I’d blame my Formal Enchantments examination on that, except
that I didn’t go shopping ’til after the exam.

In related news, Professors Phrass and Wynge aren’t going to
do a furious little independent study course in nendrai for
just me, next term. They’re going to co-teach a whole class,
tentatively titled Nendrai Ethology, for two dozen
students … with me as the first, and, after I whined at
them about it, giving me the secret veto power over who
takes it. ’cause, well, they can only teach about two
dozen students, and they’ve got over forty who want to take
the course.

And, of course, one who doesn’t want to, but there’s
a duke in the way.

In unrelated news, Ilottat is back to his usual cowardly
self. He specifically denied being my lover when Prince
Nestrune saw us sharing a plate of pickled caterpillars at
Cafe du Fronde.

Though he is one of the first students who pushed the
professors to give Nendrai Ethology as a course, and
has offered to come and diplomat at Vae for me. Not that
the duke would let anyone help me much (since I’m supposed
to be Vae’s tender forevermore, and almost no one can help
that), and certainly not a foreigner, even one from

If he weren’t so loyal and loving and sexy and smart and
rich and sexy and supportive when I really need it and
clever and well-born and generous and sexy, I’d dump him.

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