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Disclaimer: This is all about a work in progress, or
rather a work which isn’t in progress any more but might get
to be in progress soon. Anything mentioned here is

I’ve reread the stuff we wrote a while ago for the regional
supplement. I’m quite pleased with it. It’s very much like
an ethnography/travelogue of Sythyry’s culture, or at least
the culture next door. There’s neat stuff about, oh,
farming villages, and several kinds of prime/nonprime
relations, and advanced enchanting, and skyboats, and
nobility, and opera, and all like that. Some parts are
heavy with rules, and some have a few rules, and most are
just pure culture. Like the main book, there are lots of
epigraphs, snippets of this or that person talking

But making it real will be a lot of work. We’ve got
contractual obligations with Padwolf which cut down our
options. We’ll have to find willing artists, and pay them
ourselves. We’ll have to do layout ourselves — the layout
on World Tree was a major problem, and we can’t devote
anything like that much time or money to it again.

And it’s not going to make a profit for us. It probably
won’t even break even, even if things go fantastically
… well, unless we do it on the ultra-cheap, in which case
it’ll look like crap. Or at least like text without much art.

So … I’m not quite looking for advice here. I’m trying to
gauge your interest and enthusiasm.

Do you own, or have you read, the main World Tree book?


Would you generally want to buy (or barter) a World Tree supplement?


How horrible would it to you be if the supplement were stingy with artwork and graphic design?

The words are important to me; I will overlook serious flaws to get them.
The main book is quite high quality for a small press; further books are worthy of being done in the same quality.
The state of the industry has changed in the last few years; even the World Tree book's production values are no longer acceptable (it's softbound and black and white).

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