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OOC: supplemental topics

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OOC: If I were to work on a RPG supplement this weekend — a regional sourcebook for a branch near the one where Sythyry lives, and which has a generally similar culture — what topics would you like me to include?

I’m not asking for the List Of All Topics Which All Regional Sourcebooks Must Include. I’m asking for the topics that catch your attention about Sythyry’s setting — or that you wish Sythyry would talk more about — or that you think are really interesting or crucial for World Tree gaming.

I expect that there’ll be a fair bit of mechanics in this supplement: more detailed rules for doing this or that important topic that the main book doesn’t have.

There will also be a large helping of travelog / ethnolography : history, culture, tourist info, important scenery and people and such, descriptions of food, and all like that.

Plus epigraphs, of course.

The intent, as with the World Tree main book, is that the supplement would be lots of fun to read, as gaming books go. Non-gamers might skip the rules sections, but that should leave a lot of book to enjoy. (People who’ve read the main book can say how well we did that there.)

No promises, of course. But I would like to know what you would like to know.

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