Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Where all my cley has gone

Well, not strictly all of it, but most.

It is a small pitcher of blue glass, with a curling shrimp for a handle. When I say, "pthauppa, pour forth!" it creates some fourteen gallons of clean, bland water. Very real water. Once a day.

My first formal enchantment. And about as puny as an enchantment can get... except of course for it being real water instead of temporary one-hour water. Though real is easier for a Zi Ri.

We need not think about my grandparent's reaction, nor his first enchantment... for that matter, I don't know what zir first enchantment was. I'm sure it's in history books.

This one won't be.

It will however save me trips to the public fountain, and concomitant mockery.

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