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Ilottat vs Yylhauntra, round 1 [12 Lage 4261]

We were eating at Tamvaus, because Yylhauntra wanted spicy
food, and I was fairly confident that Ghirbis Vlaan wouldn’t
be singing its praises in my ear, literally or
metaphorically. Mainly because she wasn’t there — it was
just Yylhauntra, Ilottat, and me.

Yylhauntra:“Good to meet you! Sythyry seems
quite pleased with you for the moment, and speaks well of you.”

On second thought, I don’t feel like trying to reconstruct
the conversations. They spent a while throwing nice sayings
at each other and at me, and I did my best to riposte
suitably. I know for a fact I got flustered and mentioned
an issue of personal dimensions that I’d really
rather not talk about to a cissy or a relative.

I turned out to be wrong about what I told Ilottat, though.
Yylhauntra did pretty much eat him alive, next, and me too.
I made the mistake of sort of encouraging zir to explain how
zie wasn’t that worried about my relationship with
him, or wasn’t going to oppose it at least. Yylhauntra
dissected the structure and concerns with traff
relationships in great detail, with many examples, and many
dire predictions, and many wholly correct points, and a very
nice concerned benevolent smile. Oh, and an aura of
incomprehensibility spell, so that the people at the next
table couldn’t make out a single word we said.

Finally, after Ilottat and I had said “It’s not like we have
any real choice in the matter, and, besides, we love each
other” about six hundred and eighty million times each,
Yylhauntra let us change the subject. (Well, Ilottat
didn’t say the last half exactly. He has enough trouble
saying it to me when we’re alone.)

I am so stupid to even bring it up.

So I tried talking about languages. That worked pretty
well, until we got to one of the obscure ones,
Telhano-Thirgic I think it is. Which is the one Ilottat
picked his name in.

Me:“What does it mean?”

Yylhauntra:“Joyful. A very sweet name for an
obviously sweet boy.”

Ilottat:“No. That would be Iloneni, with the
comitative case. I am using the abessive case, which means
the opposite.”

Me:“You should change it!”

Ilottat:“No, I shouldn’t.”

[OOC to my 0-2 readers who care: (1) you weren't around at
the time I needed the name to ask questions and check it,
and (2) the real komitatiivi ending didn't look sufficiently
masculine, and (3) you're still not around to check
'Iloneni'. So I gotta use a random web page. -bb]

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