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OOC: call for players for all-labwork Ars Magica 5 campaign

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* Are you a Hermetic mage who has recently passed the

* Do you want to spent a delightful century or two in
labwork, study, and topics of interest to you personally?

* Would you like to live without undue interference by your
sodales, political annoyances of tribunal politics, or the
need to go out adventuring?

* Would you appreciate the presence of low-key (and entirely
optional) contests of intellect and laboratory work, for
those decades when your interest in your work for its own
sake pales?

* Would you like a life of safety and power in a high Magic
regio, protected but not hindered by a high Divine regio?

* Would you like to converse with enlightened sodales from a
wide range of times and places?

All these things can be yours! Come to Insula

[And that's actually a completely honest advertisement,
without even the intent to mislead. I am looking for about
three more players for a low-key play-by-email Ars Magica 5
saga centered on labwork, with optional conversation and
internal magical contests. Details on the campaign setting
are available at]

– Bard Bloom

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