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Revelations to Yylhauntra [11 Lage 4261]

Yylhauntra:“So, tell me about your child of a
count of Daukrhame.”

Me:“He’s a …”



[Translation note: Sythyry used the Orren-specific
gender-ambivalent pronoun, but, since Zi Ri are never male,
"he" would have done as well. -bb]

Yylhauntra:“That’s what everyone was hinting

Me:“Yes, it is. He’s the sixth …”

Yylhauntra:“You do know the traditional
penalty for loving an Orren, don’t you?”

Me:“Um … “

And zie gave me quite a long lecture on it. It’s obvious.
Orren are flickery-minded, flickery-hearted, quick-living,
quick-changing mammals. We are fairly slow-changing
lizards: not as tightly focussed as a Rassimel, but fairly
invariable. It’s not really a good hope for good
long-term stability. Indeed, it is begging for heartbreak.

Me:“Well, isn’t that like just about every
other relationship involving at least one mortal? Or even
only Zi Ri, but Zi Ri who might change their opinions or
tastes over time?”

Yylhauntra:“I have two stable relationships.
Or, at least, they’ve been stable so far. Verehinga and I
spend every twelfth year together. Myrihaaveinen and I
spend a month together every three years, arranged never to
fall during Verehinga’s years.”

Me:“So you’re alone most of the time?”

Yylhauntra:“Not alone, certainly, but celibate.
More or less. I have the occasional other liaison with
another Zi Ri.”

Me:“And you’ve had no other lovers?”

Yylhauntra:“Hardly no others! Dozens, at

Me:“So … all but two of your other lovers
have brought you heartbreak?”

Yylhauntra:“Not quite that bad! Quite often we
agree to a certain amount of physical intimacy, and that is that.”

Me:“But most do, even Zi Ri?”

Yylhauntra:“Well, yes”

Me:“So it’s not that much different than
with Orren?”

Yylhauntra:“Your puny logic may twist my poor
neck in knots, but the truth of my words remains
true, and, even, truly true!”

Me:“I was afraid of that.”

Yylhauntra:“For which many apologies. Now tell
me about your Orrenfriend?”

So I did. Zie didn’t laugh too much.

* * *

Zie had taught me well.

Me:“O my honored grandparent, you have asked me
deep questions about myself. But now you must pay the
price. I shall ask you deep questions about

Zie laughed for a good two-thirds of a minute at that.

Me:“What would you advise me to do about

Yylhauntra:“Well, I think you’re pretty much
stuck with him for now. After he departs and leaves you all
covered in misery, perhaps make some better plans for your
next lover.”

Me:“Have you ever been interested in any non-Zi

Yylhauntra:“Not voluntarily.”

Me:“Not … voluntarily? What do you

Yylhauntra:“Do you really want to

Me:“… I’m not sure … “

Yylhauntra:“Then you probably don’t want to
know the details. Ask me later if you like. I have a very
good reason for my opinion of nendrai, though.”

A complexity-40 Mutoc Mentador spell could turn your
native language into lust for the nendrai. Another one
could turn your anger at being controlled into lust for the
nendrai. For two thoroughly disgusting examples.

[OOC: sorry this is taking so long to write. Reality is kicking my ass extensively and thoroughly. -bb]

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