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Levande [4 Lage 4261]

Me:“What sort of ‘what do we do?’ do you

Levande:“How do we take care of Thery? I,
personally, see three questions. First, what sorts of help
are medically possible? Second, how much will it cost, or
how do we otherwise acquire it? Third, how do we persuade
Thery to accept it?”

Me:“First, I have no idea. Second, more than I
can afford. Third … I can try. It might work better
coming from me than from you, after what you did sponsoring
her at the Academy.”

Levande:“That was a mistake, yes. But I think
you might have some better contacts than I do on the



Well, of course. Everyone seems to want to use me to get to
Glikkonen, eventually.

This is understandable, I suppose. Glikkonen is famous
… Glikkonen is downright legendary. Glikkonen is a
first-created Zi Ri, over four thousand years old. Glikkonen
invented a goodly bit of magic, some of it still used today.
Glikkonen can make city walls, or terrible devices used in
the Holocaust Wars, or the more subtle ones used to clean up
after the Holocaust Wars.

And of course Glikkonen gets tricked and manipulated now and
then, in ways that other wizards are sometimes too canny
for. Zie’s immune to flattery, but zie’s a sucker for a
plausible story about doing good, sometimes.

But zie’s a bit standoffish now and then. Not quite
reclusive, but apt to put off strangers for a year or two
unless they catch zir at just the right moment. But zie
generally has time for friends and relations.

Now, I have spent more time with Glikkonen than most
people ever will. Zie knows me by sight, and zie replies to
my letters … or at least zie did when the letters were
“HlLlLLo Grandparrt!” scribbled with a stick of charcoal on
a sheet of paper that had previously been used to wrap some
books my ~mother~ had bought. I don’t write to zir all that
often anymore — three times since I started school, I think
– or as enthusiastically, though I try to be a bit more
literate. Zie hasn’t answered my last letter, though likely
zie hasn’t gotten it yet. Zie lives underground at Drchmaer
much of the time, and only stops by settled places to check
mail every month or so.

So I certainly understand why people think I have a quick
powerful conduit to Glikkonen. Compared to most people, I
do. I imagine that in a thousand years, if I’m generally
sensible and cooperative to zir in the meantime, I’ll
actually be able to call zir up and ask for the occasional

But now … no, not really. I might get zir attention if it
was my life at risk. But Rassimel die all the time,
even pregnant ones, even ones that Zi Ri care about. You
can’t expect Glikkonen to intervene all the time.

Me:“Unlikely. Zie’s not at my beck and

Levande said various unhappy things which I will not
record. She even accused me of not being mighty and
powerful. I pointed out that I am not, in fact, mighty and
powerful: that I am younger than she is, and, while of
honorable and important lineage, my family’s power is
sorcerous not political or financial, and that takes time to

Levande:(Eventually accepting my point) “Well,
what can we do?”

Me:“Um … talk to Thery’s healers and see what
our choices are, if money were not an object?”

Levande:“Compared with tracking down an
immortal wizard and demanding favors that we cannot repay?
Bah, far too simple a plan.”

So we tried. Rather, Levande asked her factotum to make all
appropriate inquiries and get us an appointment with whoever
the right healer is.

And I never did get to ask her questions about copulating
with counts. Just as well, really. I was rattled enough
that she’d probably think I was making a pass at her.

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