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Whine! [3 Lage 4261]

When I rule Choinxeia as tyrant lizard with a forepaw of
iron, I will proclaim the Third of Lage to be “Complain to
the Zi Ri About Unanswerable Matters” day. Of course, it’s
not quite clear who would dare to complain to the tyrant
lizard ruling them with a forepaw of iron, but I suppose
some other Zi Ri might get quite an earful now and then.

Anoof is now living with one of his fiances and three
other Cani. Anoof managed to lose the choof on organizing
the apartment. (I gather the contest involved Anoof and the
roomate setting up cleaning schedules and seeing which was
the most popular with the other roommates. Nobody but Anoof
liked Anoof’s.) Which means of course that it is hideously
messy and dirty and dingy and grungy and disgusting and
mold-enslimed and filled with layers and layers of
pestilential stinking rotten fruit husks after only a few
weeks. Or, at least, that it wasn’t up to Anoof’s
standards. He complained greatly to me about these
matters. I declined to show him my new bedroom, which is
messy dirty dingy grungy disgusting mold-enslimed and filled
with layers and layers of pestilential stinking rotten
chub-beetle carapaces after only a few weeks. Or, at least,
isn’t up to Anoof’s stardards. Despite Jarmiet tidying it
up every three days.

Agrimony complained to me about how much living with
Dustweed is displeasing to him, not because zie is a
both-female but because … it’s wrong. Also zie’s traff. I
had no great advise or response to him. Saying, “I’m traff,
too” seemed too overwhelming to contemplate. And probably
wouldn’t have helped, except to get Agrimony complaining to
other people about both of us.

Jarmiet, who you think would never complain to anyone
about anything, complained to me that she couldn’t get
pregnant despite lots of trying. (”I’ve been trying ever so
hard with Ilottat and haven’t managed it either,” I didn’t
say.) This is getting to be a serious issue in her
family. They had one litter without her, and they are trying
for another litter, and she’s all embarrassed and upset and
stuff. I expressed a great deal of sympathy. I didn’t
provide her with a ritual spell of fertility, since, well, I
don’t have one, and don’t have that much influence
with anyone who does.

Leiska briefly complained about Anoof challenging
someone else to a duel again. “Since he got skewered last
time, especially.” I didn’t get the details — Leiska was
walking one way down a street I was flying the other way
down. Probably one of his roommates.

Thelvion complained about something too tedious to
record, involving clothing that was stored in a box for too

Vingi complained … no. Vingi never complains. Vingi
was determinedly cheerful about Real-Eel breaking up with
him. Again I could get few details, but I collected
Dustweed, Ghirbis, and Strenata, and we will take him out to
dinner for soup, sloop, and sympathy. (Strenata offered to
bring Rhedwy for soup, sloop, Sleeth, and sympathy, but we
persuaded her that the Sleeth would pretty much negate the
sympathy.) More when I know more.

Sythyry finally got the courage to talk to Levande
for complaining about countly and suchly matters, but of
course she’s in her country estate and not due back for a
bit. Zie left zir card and a polite request.

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