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OOC: 1-on-1 draconic play-by-post.

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For a long while, I’ve been tinkering with

rules for a game
in which you play a young but impressive dragon.
It’s sort
of a multi-genre game, in that the dragons can travel to
many universes — the game is intended for playing out a
sort of wanderjahr (or wander-century), in which you go to
nifty places and do whatever amuses you. So you
could go to RPGFantasyLand and gather treasure — or
you could go to Furry Star Trek and have a devastating
romance, or to a famine-stricken region of modern-day Africa
where your powers are overwhelming but not directly helpful
to situation at hand, or a devastatingly powerful but
socially clueless intruder among the approximately-genteel
dragons of Tooth and Claw, or … it’s pretty open.

Anyways, it’s one-(or-two)-on-one. And mostly
improvisational, since the dragon might pop off to a wholly
different universe at almost any time.

So I want to run one play-by-post game of it. Probably no
more than a handful of exchanges a day, mostly during
compiles and other brief moments during my workday.

If you’re interested in playing, reply to this message
(which is screened). Give me an idea of what sort of story
you’d like to play — e.g., a “I’d like to play a vicious
and fairly stupid fire-breathing dragon trying to be subtle
and act like an ordinary human in high society on a luxury
ocean liner in 1950’s Earth.”


  1. The document isn’t in really good shape, nor very well
    edited. World Tree players may notice the lack of beetiger’s
  2. The game won’t be a very high priority for me. I expect
    to tend it mostly while I’m at the computer waiting for
    something or other to happen.
  3. I especially don’t promise that the game ideas in this
    document will work well. (But you can always fly off to a
    different universe.)
  4. I’ll pick one player, based on how well I think the game
    concept will work and stuff.

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