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Ten things that I’ve done that I’m pretty sure nobody else
reading this has done.

  1. I have gotten a man to divorce his husband and wife over me,
    without specifically doing anything with him.
  2. I have been the decoration on a birthday cake for
    someone else.
  3. I have sat on the head of a carnivorous warhorse while
    the rider paralyzed her uncle’s leg.
  4. I have performed Greater Enchantments across from a
  5. I have comforted a both-female. Repeatedly. Bleh.
  6. I have counted cisaffectionate vs. transaffectionate
    couples at the Pillar of Incangiophor at midnight.
  7. I have referred to a Herethroy prostitute named
    “Pleasant Blossom” as “Pleasant Bottom” by mistake.
  8. I have mistaken a countess for a hired thug.
  9. I have delayed a countess for quite some time, striving
    to keep her from seeing her childhood friend.
  10. I have repeatedly missed the fact that people told me
    that my lover is married.
  11. I have acquired a taste for a condiment of fermented
    snakes, garlic, and chilis.
  12. I have had a dean break my right forepaw.
  13. I have flung leek scraps at Judge Pelchergrey
  14. I have accidentally had four dinners in one day.
  15. I have spraddled with two Rassimel for most of a night.
    And still considered myself virgin afterwards.

I’m sure there are ten in there.

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