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Casa Belweldie, part 8, or, rather, Across Saga, part 3,
or rather Ilottat’s room, part 1[26 Thory 4261]

Me:“Ilottat, I think I owe you an

Ilottat:“Really? I can’t penser, think of why.
I think I owe you about eighty-three of them. Mostly
on the behalf of this or that relative.”

Me:“Really! I apologize for doubting your
uncertainty about whether you were married. Now that I’ve
actually met Ysgwyd and seen her in action, I couldn’t begin
to guess whether you and she were married in any reasonable
sense, or not.”

Ilottat:“I’m afraid I cannot erluchten,
enlighten you on this topic, though I have wondered about it
many nights myself. To all intents and tseli, purposes,
Delframber is her true husband, and I am some sort of
involuntary skhetikos, relative who, surprisingly, offends
her less than most.”

I curled around his neck and shoulder, having
disenHerethroyed some time back.

Ilottat:“I think you have seen the entire
oiktros, sordid matter by now. I shouldn’t blame you for
leaving me .. for never speaking to me again.”

Me:“The evening wasn’t so bad as that, O
my lover. I think you could make it end quite
I am still a novice at emotional relationships.

But Ilottat had gotten deep into his moroseness. “How could
you endure a gwr, man whose wife treats him thus — who
parades her amoreux, lover in front of him, and at her own
parents’ house at that? A man whose in-laws, or at least
out-of-laws, are Khtapodi, Khtsoyis?”

Me:“Well, I liked you a good deal before I even
knew you were married, as you might recall. I can
hardly hold you responsible for Ysgwyd’s behavior — I don’t
think anyone could rein her in. I’m almost sorry for
Delframber — he’s obviously trying to act like his
betters, but the only one of his betters he can
tentacle-grab is the one who’s trying to act like a

Ilottat:“I’d be sorry for anyone … Sythyry?
Etes-vous, Are you transaffectionate?”

I’ve been chasing Orren all school year, but somehow it had
never occurred to me to try that adjective on for size.

Me:“Well … I’m not up to Tethezai’s
standards of it, or Rhedwy’s. Or that Cani woman’s that
Ysgwyd was talking about.”

Ilottat:“Have you ever made Verkehr, love with
another Zi Ri?”

Me:“I’ve never met another Zir Ri
anywhere close to my own age.”

Ilottat:“So you don’t know, really.”

Me:“I imagine I’ll find out sometime. For
tonight I’d rather be with you.”

And that is what happened, which is why I’m so sleepy
today. Do not construct scenes of amatory excess from that
remark! Nor even scenes of amatory success, which
was limited in scope and mostly happened the next morning.
No, I am sleepy because I spent the night in a rather chilly
bed (viz., one lacking a fire), and one inhabited by a
person six times my size, somewhat restless and more than
somewhat tormented by his nightmares. And, honestly,
somewhat tormented by rolling over onto a pointy part of my
body and waking up in a yelpy hurry and needing a bit of
minor first aid. At least I didn’t ignite him.

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