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Armed Students [19 Chirreb 4260]

Nestrune wears a serpent rapier at all times, in a fine sheath of iridescent blue-green chimeront leather. It is an accessory, not a weapon, for him, with which he sometimes gesticulates extravagantly, sheathed. When some unidentified senior student flipped a chamberpot at him, he responded with Fire Flower. I expect further violence there.

I asked some other people what they do.

Thery carries a small bone dagger with an enchantment of sharpness, which she made in class. It cuts through paper and leather for her: she buys butcher's paper and crude leather, and sews herself notebooks for her courses. It cuts through the heavy husks of dried sengo fruits, which she eats every day at lunchtime. Once it cut through gabardine and fur and hide and muscle, scraping on bone, when Thery plunged it into the leg of a Cani who shoved her into a midden for being foreign and slightly rich.

Dustweed carries a staff when zie walks in bad parts of town, or Herethroy neighborhoods. Zie has grafted Cruel Ice Fairy, and has used it four times, the worst of which was when Herethroy adolescents in some village or other started shooting at zir with their practice bows. I gather that there is some unpleasant history around this, but zie does not want to discuss it.

Havune never, ever carries a weapon. If someone ever attacks him, he will spont something or other dangerous. He has not considered the possibility.

Yarwain has a metal-edged sword, which he has worn a few times: has worn it on a couple of expeditions to the Verticals seeking gornazzits for conversation. He brought the sword to school, from which the explorers leave. He has never used it outside of gym classes.

Spirshash ... The next time I go asking Spirshash about himself, I should bring a weapon. A dagger sharp enough to cut my own throat, if nothing else. He has fought duels on the balconies of palaces against ambassadors. He has joined a party of archers hunting a remorshka. He has met a nendrai, or, perhaps, seen one from a distance. He is, in his own mind, a brave Orren. I don't know what he wears habitually though.

No, I don't carry a weapon myself. Maybe I will make something worthwhile in an enchantment class though
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