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Casa Belweldie, part 1 [26 Thory 4261]

I got to the Belweldie’s home on time, wearing my best
ribbons, each in the right place. That part of the evening
worked right, at least.

Ysgwyd’s parents are a reasonably pleasant Orren couple,
perhaps in their 60’s or 70’s. [40-50 Earth years.-bb]
Hispis Belweldie is a chubby short Orren woman, who could be
Floooosh’s cousin, or at least a frequent visitor to her
bakery. She is an executive in the printing company that
prints the

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<p style="border: 1px solid black; padding: 3px;"><strong>Originally published at <a href="">Sythyry</a>. Please leave any <a href="">comments</a> there.</strong></p><h2>Casa Belweldie, part 1 [26 Thory 4261]</h2> <p> I got to the Belweldie&#8217;s home on time, wearing my best<br /> ribbons, each in the right place. That part of the evening<br /> worked right, at least. </p> <p> Ysgwyd&#8217;s parents are a reasonably pleasant Orren couple,<br /> perhaps in their 60&#8217;s or 70&#8217;s. [40-50 Earth years.-bb]<br /> Hispis Belweldie is a chubby short Orren woman, who could be<br /> Floooosh&#8217;s cousin, or at least a frequent visitor to her<br /> bakery. She is an executive in the printing company that<br /> prints the <a<br /> href="">Water<br /> Tree</a> nonsense. She doesn&#8217;t look very good in lavender,<br /> not even with very glittering lavendar cut-glass ear-crests<br /> for extra fanciness. </p> <p> Thaura Belweldie is a leaner and taller Orren woman, who<br /> actually <b>is</b> Flooosh&#8217;s third cousin or something. I<br /> actually have met Thaura before; she is the Greatest<br /> Official of Disbursements at the Bank of Teleporting<br /> Hexagons, and, a month or so ago, when my usual Official<br /> wasn&#8217;t there, she gave me a substantial sum of my ~mother~&#8217;s<br /> money. She looks quite good in lavendar. </p> <p> Also they have a few servants, some of whom were obviously<br /> hired for the occasion. </p> <p> Casa Belweldie is a fairly nice house in a fairly nice<br /> neighborhood, two floors, several scraps of yard with some<br /> flowering fruit trees, a very dignified statue of a prior<br /> Duke skewering a blee on his scimitar in the front yard, a<br /> view of one of the nicer public ponds, and so on. I&#8217;ve<br /> visited a couple of mansions though &#8212; Tethezai&#8217;s family and<br /> Esory&#8217;s family, for two &#8212; and Casa Belweldie is not a<br /> mansion. </p> <p> The parlor of Casa Belweldie has copies of several portraits<br /> of Vheshrame nobility of previous decades, many of them<br /> Orren. None of these are <i>exactly</i> Belweldie<br /> ancestors, though Thaura is somewhat related to a few famous<br /> Orren who I have never heard of. </p> <p> Herethroy servants in approximately-matched striped frocks<br /> brought us tiny tarts of fruit and eel (made by Floosh, I<br /> suspect), as appetizer. Thaura and Hispis carefully avoided<br /> a variety of unpleasant questions, such as: </p> <ol> <li>What, precisely, is your relationship with our<br /> son-in-law?</li> <li>What, precisely, will become of your your relationship<br /> with our son-in-law?</li> <li>Where, precisely, <b>is</b> our son-in-law?</li> </ol> <p> We discussed the duke&#8217;s clothes (they are <i>that</i><br /> polite) and pastries and theatre and banking and such for a<br /> while. </p> <p> And then &#8212; an hour and a half after the time on the<br /> invitation &#8212; there was a knock at the door. </p> <p><b>Thaura:</b><i>&#8220;Oh, capital. Ilottat is sure to be<br /> here now.&#8221;</i></p> <p> She was wrong, though. It was the <b>other</b> guest.<br /> Whom I did not know was going to be a guest at all. </p> <p><b>Hispis:</b><i>&#8220;Sythyry, with great pleasure I<br /> introduce you to my daughter Ysgwyd.&#8221;</i></p> <p><b>Ysgwyd:</b><i>&#8220;Oh, you&#8217;re my husband&#8217;s new chippie?<br /> Glad ta meecha.&#8221;</i></p> <p> I did my best to be as polite as possible. At least, I&#8217;m<br /> moderately sure I said <b>something</b> in response.</p> <p><script type="text/javascript">SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "", url: "" });</script></p>
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