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In Which Esory Bites My Head Off [21 Thory 4261]

Esory was browsing through my journal in Enchantments
class, as she does now and then. After class, I found this
note tucked in it.

Sythyry …

It’s not just that Ilottat is treating you badly –
though he is. You are not treating him very well,
either. He’s said that he wants to keep this a secret, yet
here you are writing about it in your journal and you know
that I’ve read it on occassion, as well as Floosh, not to
mention a veritable ocean of monsters and-who-knows-who
else. You’ve told six? eight? people directly. Even when
Anoof warned you of the smell issue, you forgot.

You don’t want to keep it a secret, and Ilottat
desperately does. Please … do try to talk to him. Find out
why it’s so important that he would be goofy enough as to
pretend not to recognize you in public. Perhaps if you
understood better what the consequences of this tryst are
for him personally, it would be easier for you to accept his

Or to break it off.

I know, it’s none of my business. And I ought to sit by
and watch the two of you tear each other apart and politely
say nothing while I pretend not to notice but …


This is utterly ridiculous in every sentence of course!
Ilottat isn’t treating me badly. I’m not treating him
badly. I have only mentioned the matter to a small number
of very trustworthy people. And the monsters don’t count –
if they’re real at all (are you?) they can hardly be
considered reliable witnesses in a court of law. (Unless
there are courts of law in monster-branch somewhere, I

And I’ve been careful with scents except the one day, and
that only because I got back so very late at night.

And, well, I did ask him, last night. I didn’t have
time to explain it here because, well, it was awfully late,
non-bathing-allowed sort of late.

And we’re not tearing each other apart. At all. Tearing
clothes off is another matter!

The Explanation of The Extreme Secrecy

Me:“Why, O why, must you be so secret about our
involvement, that you cannot so much as recognize me in

Ilottat:“I said I was sorry about
(He had, too.)

I spent a bit of time comforting him, there.

Me:“But why is it such at very very
touchy matter for you?”

Ilottat:“My father would be contrarie,
displeased. Very displeased.”

Me:“Even with a Zi Ri? We’re not the least
honored of species.”

Ilottat:“Especially with a Zi Ri.”

Me:“How, especially?”

Ilottat:“Because, well, he is concerned with
the honorem, the family name. In the history books, and the
archivia, the records. You will remember it

Me:“I will remember you fondly as my first true

We paused briefly for some activities traditional when
someone says something like that.

Me:“Still, I must ask … he sent you off to
school in Vheshrame, having warned you particularly against
Zi Ri? Hezimikkinen is hardly in the habit of seducing
Academy students!”

Ilottat:“Well, there’s a little more of
a reason…”

With much earflattening, he showed me a book entitled
Langorous Lizards in Love. I looked at a few of the
illustrations … the book was mostly illustrations. Almost
any other time I would have been embarrassed. As it was, I
just leafed through a bit.
“Ooh, we should try that one!”

Ilottat:“My father discovered me as an
adolescent, yn darllen, that is, reading this book, and,
well, doing something else as well…”
He indicated just
what by a gesture.

Me:“Ooh, that looks hard!” It did, though
not in the “difficult” sense.
“Could I help you with it?” It turned out that I
could. This interrupted the conversation for some time.

Ilottat:“So he thought that I might like Zi

Me:“Well, I hope he was right!”

Ilottat:“Upote, maepote! No!”

Me:“I hope you like me at

Ilottat:“Well, yes, I do seem to. But, well,
I’m sure I wouldn’t so much as edrych, look at
another Zi Ri.”

Me:“How about other Orren?”

Ilottat:“Well, um, I might have a relationship
with another Orren. To please my father, if nothing else.
He does pay my addicion, my bills.”

Since his bills are rather high even in months when he’s not
seducing me at Darraden’s, I can see that keeping his father
happy has some importance.

Me:“Well, if you marry another Orren, perhaps
you and me and they could … well … I do like

In some settings it’s hard to say that you’re
transaffectionate. Having your tail curled snugly
around an intimate bit of a member-of-another-species makes
it much easier. I recommend this to everyone with suitably
flexible tails.

Um, that’s me and Sleeth, I think, and Sleeth are all
transaffectionate sluts
anyways and don’t care who thinks what of them.

(And no, Zi Ri aren’t all transaffectionate sluts. I am
quite fussy and extremely picky about my lovers! Lover,



Ilottat:“Please … the whole topic is a bit
umkippen, upsetting to me. Could we talk about something
else instead?”

We found something else. No, it wasn’t that, or at least,
it wasn’t entirely that. He painted the inside of my
wings with brilliant crimson and viridian stripes, and
caught a picture of me decorated that way, with my intimate
organs in a configuation suitable to the nature of our

And that’s really why I forgot to wash up at home — because
I had already washed up at Ilottat’s. Except that,
well, there was a certain amount of physical affection after
the washing.

No, I don’t entirely believe that he’s not attracted to Zi Ri.

Anyways, I think Esory has entirely the wrong of it!

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