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Rhedwy’s Nose [21 Thory 4261]

Rhedwy:“Sythyry, you now smell much luckier
than you smell last week.”

When she says that, we are sitting at the Enchantment
workbench, having discovered that both of our weeks’ work
has failed. This is not unusual — it happens about half
the time, for novices. My grandparent a while ago promises
to teach me how to do it better, when I am good enough to

From the too much conversation with Rhedwy I decide to write
like a Sleeth today. If I can manage it. I’m sure I’ll
slip up and use past or future tense somewhere or other.
Probably I should just write down the conversations. Um, I
mean, probably I am just write down the conversations.

No, I can’t talk like a Sleeth.

Me:[peering mournfully at failed enchantment
step]“I have not noticed this, yet.”

Rhedwy:“You smell like sex with a male

Me:“I do?”

Rhedwy:“Yes. A male Orren who likes cloves.
Certainly he has sex and certainly he gets those scents on
you. I think you also have sex with him. But I do not
before now smell last night’s Zi Ri sex, so I do not know
for sure. You have some behavior that brings new

Me:“Oh, dear.”

Rhedwy:“You are unaware that you have sex with
the male Orren? You are not very perceptive, even for the
Zi Ri, but I think you should know better!”

Me:“Oh, dear, I have just told every Cani
between Quelldrie House and here about what I was up to last
night. And my lover is trying to keep it a secret.”

Rhedwy:“He should be more trying then! There
are only so many male Orren who like cloves.”


Rhedwy:“Still, I cannot instantly guess who it

Me:“I am glad to hear that. He is even more
glad to hear that.”

Rhedwy:“He is listening now?”

Me:“No. I suppose I shouldn’t even say that
much, but not.”

Rhedwy:“There are not so many Orren men in this
room! And he does not smell now of cloves.”

Me:“Well, it’s certainly not Irigatur.”

Irigatur looked looks then up when I said his name.

Me:“Sorry, Irigatur, nothing, nothing.”

Rhedwy:“I must do research to find out your
lover, Sythyry!”

Me:“I rather wish you wouldn’t.”

Rhedwy:“I shall try out every male Orren until
I find out the one who smells right!”

Me:“I very much wish you
wouldn’t. Besides, he’s not transaffectionate.”

Irigatur:“I’m certainly not transaffectionate.
And I don’t have time for any new lovers anyways. I got
another husband three weeks ago, and the first two are still
jealous of him.”

Me:“I know, Irigatur. You brought the
leftovers to class and we had a spare party for you,
remember? We’re really not talking about you.”

Irigatur:“Oh, no problem! I haven’t been
getting much sleep lately. Somehow!”

Rhedwy:“He is not transaffectionate?”

Me:“No — he mentioned that a few times. He’s

Rhedwy:“You are then an Orren? He is then a Zi

Me:“I am then the exception.”

Rhedwy:“Rrarhu, I am sure I am then the other
exception if I ask!”

Me:“Don’t be silly, Rhedwy. Or rude.”

Rhedwy:“I think this is a splendid occasion for
the grooming of my tailtip, and, if the Alzagond does not come
soon, almost it is as good for the grooming of my flanks.”

And she started licking herself here and there, and ignoring
me, until Prof. Alzagond came by and made some useful but
hideously annoying suggestions about doing enchantment.

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