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L’Apres-Sexe I [13 Thory 4261]

Anoof:“Well, you certainly look smug,

Me:“Oh, do I? That’s probably a

Anoof:“I take it you had a good evening with
Ilottat, then?”

Me:“Your hat suggestion worked

Anoof:“And your frequent complaint of the last
while? Are you still loverless and solitary and whiny?”

Me:“I really shouldn’t answer that question,
for I have been impressed with the considerable need for
privacy, even secrecy. Was I that bad before?”

Anoof:“You will have to work harder on

Me:“I didn’t tell you anything!”

Anoof:“You told me a great deal! The very word
“before” tells many a story, just by itself.”


Anoof:“Do not worry! I am the go-between.”

Me:“Well, then, you have gone between very
cogently and mightily! I will no longer complain about
excessive virginity.”

Anoof:“Tell me more!”

So I told him what I have already told you. He was
impressed with Ilottat’s choice of venue, though he
did point out that Darraden’s was probably getting
pre-dawn spellcasts (using cley which would go to waste
otherwise), not retail prices. Still, it must have cost
some hundreds of lozens.

He was less impressed with Ilottat sending me home naked

Me:“Oh, it’s all right. He just didn’t think
quite that far ahead.”

Anoof:“Or that far behind. Anyone paying
enough attention to see who leaves the room, might be paying
enough attention to see who goes into the room.”

Me:“Do you think he’s being watched?”

Anoof:“By Darraden’s waitstaff and such, yes,
at the very least. I doubt they’d do anything; I
know for a fact they don’t care who does what, and that they
break seven bones of any staff who tries blackmail. More
famous people than that have assignations there!”

Me:“It seemed well set up for assignations.
Speaking as an assignatee.”

Anoof:“Oh, it’s usually for political or
business assignations.”

Me:“That end up in bed?”

Anoof:“The bed’s usually in a closet on the
third floor.”

Me:“How do you know that?”

Anoof:“My sister’s mate’s cousin works

Me:“And of course you attend to everything your
sister’s mate’s cousin says.”

Anoof:“In this case I do! Havune vetoed her,
or she might be a fiancee of mine.”

Me:“I suppose I would pay attention in that

And so forth.

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