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Flies-with-Fez [12 Thory 4261]

I tried wearing the pointy conical romantic hat. It fell
off before I had flown twice around the room.

After some experimenting, I discovered that it stays on
adequately if I keep my wings entirely still, but it falls
off if I flap them.

Unless, of course, I keep the point of the hat pointed
precisely forwards as I fly.

Which is too ridiculous to be endured.

The milliner is working to contrive a secret internal
support, or, if need be, an chinstrap of invisible cloth.

(Note to self: The prices for invisible cloth are
remarkably high. The stuff is quite hard to make:
even a plain invisibility spell is complexity 20, and that
is a short-term spell. And, for some reason, Illusidor
mages good enough to make invisible cloth are generally more
interested in making fun or flamboyant illusions. And
invisible cloth has many uses in all sorts of straps and
support garments. The milliner complained at length how
hard the stuff was to get. I gather it’s nearly as
expensive as metal. And, unlike metal, it wears out. An
iron sword might be in your family for generations — an
invisible brassiere will not be. And, of course, permanant
invisibility spells require Sustenoc, which gives Zi Ri a
substantial advantage. So this might be a nice
straightforward way to make lots of money, once I’m good
enough to cast it.)

(Note to self: Investigate other items that might sensibly
be invisible. Invisible support beams for fantastical
architectures? Invisible boards for insanely expensive
windows? Invisible coats for exhibitionists in wintertime?
These don’t sound quite right… but there must be some
other good tricks.)

In any case, I am now flying around in a stunningly stylish

By “around” I mean “around the milliner’s shop”. The thing
seems to stay on pretty well — it’s snugger around my
feathers than the romantical cone.

Next, if I am bold enough, I will show it to my friends.

And I’d better be bold enough, or I’ve wasted a great deal
of money.

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