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Seeks-Blossomaries [10 Thory 4261]

Sprillet disappeared.

Now, if he were really an effective cursed beast, he’d have
disappeared in a puff of stinking smoke and spiralling
spangles. He is not. He simply disappeared in a puff of
squeaking Cani.

I suppose I can’t blame Narngi for being upset at losing an
engagement present. (As an important aside, if any Orren
want to give me relationship presents, be assured
that I will keep very careful track of them. (I’m not so sure
about what would happen if I got engaged to a gaggle of

So, this required everyone to go scouring Quelldrie House
from the Pits of Readily Available Doom to the Distant yet
Strangely Pleasant Summertime Pavilions. I, of course, as
the only flier in the house, was the one who had to search
the Distant yet Strangely Pleasant Summertime Pavilions.
There were no blossomaries there.

(Note to self: we must get another flier, either a Zi
Ri or an Orren with a flight spell, but not Seeks-Whatevers
Strenata, even though she is the only Orren I know who has a
flight spell.)

Eventually Sprillet was found, sleeping in a tangle of Cani
stockings. He had, evidently, crept into Anoof’s dresser
from behind, pushed the bottom drawer a little ways out from
behind, clambered into it, pushed the second drawer a little
ways out, and continued until he could continue no more,
neither up nor down, which left him in the stocking drawer.
He did what any sensible cursed beast would do under the
circumstances, which is to say, demolish all of Anoof’s
stockings and then go to sleep in the ruins.

Now Anoof is wearing Narngi’s stockings, which do not fit
perfectly well. And he has another reason to wish that the
wedding would hurry up: then Sprillet will go live with the
fiance who gave Sprillet to Narngi, and that fiance can take
care of the assorted disasters.

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