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A bad morning

Slightly before I wanted to be awake this morning, an Orren child came knocking on our door. This meant that Dubaille came knocking on my door, saying, "Sythyry, there's a message come for you." Of course he would not tip the child himself, so I had to brush ashes out of my feathers and fly around my room looking for a few terch to give.

Here is the note. Imagine that the original is painted on a leaf, as if it were to go from city to city by the post. The letters are in red, and sloppier than Strenata's usual hand. Some letters are perfumed; this was dusted with the pollen of the flower known as stinking margay. (I know that because Havune said, "It smells as though Dubaille's wife gave him a bouquet of stinking margay as a measure of her esteem.")

From Seeks-Justice Strenata to Sythyry. Your behavior astounds me; I cannot approve of it; I despise it entirely; I deny anny [sic] suggestion of a connection between us forfurthermore. I am not a toy for your noble amusement; I am not a highborn libertine; I have great regard for chastity and fidelity. How can you date me and futter Spirshash on the side? With lying and deception, that is how! How can you distract Spirshash when his wife and husband should get his full attention? With greed and selfishness, that is how! I thought you had some sympathy for truth and good! Instead your only sympathy is for your own genitalia! Well, elaborate upon that sympathy with some stinking, lust-sodden baron's cousin or something. Leave me aside from it!

I certainly should have futtered Spirshash while I had the chance. There was, of course, no actual chance: no offer, no suggestion that any offer might be acceptable. We didn't even flirt! I rode on his shoulder because otherwise I have to fly (which is too fast unless he is jogging), or levitate (which is too slow, unless he is limping), or walk (in which case a dean will step on my paw and break it again).

I distinctly hope that Strenata will believe my explanation. For that matter, that Oostmarine and Tillissa will, too.

For that matter, I distinctly hope I get the chance to explain.

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