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World Tree is full of
homages, little references to this or that book or game that
we like or that inspired us. Nothing big, and cretainly
nothing that even the most alert reader should find jarring
– e.g., the D&D reference is in the collection of basic
woodworking spells: Ethereal Drill, Ethereal
, Ethereal Plane. The spell Raise the
Dangling Puppy
, obviously invented by a Cani to levitate
his child, is an homage to the game Ars Magica which has a similar spell
called Raise the Dangling Puppet. And
so on.

I’ve only done a couple in A Marriage of Insects.
There’s a Dr. Seuss one when Rajel complains about her bed
with the words, “This is no good, this isn’t right”. I
just noticed that another scene has an unintentional one, to
Brust: Rajel has left her sword downstairs, and picks up a
chair as a makeshift weapon. I think there’s one or two

Do you do homages of this sort?

Lots of them!
A few of them!
No, never!

Should I get rid of the ones in Marriage of Insects?

Destroy them all! They are inappropriate!
Keep them if it amuses you.
I love hunting such things in my favorite texts; keep them, add more!

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