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Fort Dubaille

Fort Dubaille

Havune is in a blue and purple fury, for Dubaille is keeping his word about being tidy.

Dubaille, however, is quite literal about it: he, Dubaille, is working quite hard to be clean and tidy. On the whole I judge that he is succeeding, at least in that bedroom. The kitchen sometimes needs more attention. (And a much-awaited teapot, which has yet to arrive.)

But Dubaille has two children, and some arrangement with the Lady Quissenden puts the children in his care now and then. I suppose I have to count it a good and honorable thing that, when he made whatever weak negotiations he could, he chose the rights to see his children rather than, say, a stipend.

I can't really fault the children, who are used to having a nurse tending them, and a nursery, and a fenced yard in front of their townhouse, or a bigger estate in their country house. Perhaps they are a bit bored visiting with just their father. Perhaps they have some distress on seeing how little their father and mother like each other.

(I wouldn't know; my ~father~ rarely visited. But it is rare for Zi Ri to live together. [No, it's not rare. -bb])

In any case, the Dubaillelings were less gentle with Dubaille's clothes, and the blankets in that bedroom. Not to put too fine a point on it, they built a fort from furs and chairs and desks and many of Havune's textbooks, and scrambled around in it for two hours while Dubaille ... tried to get someone to pay back a loan to him, I think. Something he'd expected to take three minutes but proved far more challenging.

Dubaille was in no hurry to clean up the fort. He explained to Havune that he had not made it; his children had, and therefore it was not covered by his agreement with Havune to clean up his own messes. And he was not going to clean it up until he returned his children to the Lady Quissenden, and made another attempt to get his loan back, and then returned to the apartment.

And I suppose I can't blame him for that. If he doesn't return his children well before nightfall, the Lady Quissenden may henceforth deny him the sight of them. And if he doesn't manage to collect on his loan, he shan't be eating well, nor paying his share of the rent on time.

Still, Havune is storming around the apartment, snarling and showing his fangs. I am off to see if I see what has become of Spirshash. Somehow it seems impolitic to go visit Thery and Yarwain; Havune would smell them on me when I got back, and I daresay he's just as annoyed at Thery as at Dubaille. The wandering boot was an annoyance; Fort Dubaille in the bedroom is a chaos.

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