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Some Opinions

It has been recommended to me that I write my opinions of many people, without explaining who those people are, as a spiritual exercise of some sort I suppose. Here, then, are some opinions.

[The reader is invited to guess who is who. -bb]

  1. You are an accidental lout -- a scoundrel of the most meagre sort -- a thief of the valueless, a pest without any great force!
  2. You are the most trustworthy person I know; you are the least vain person who actually seems to possess vanity; we have helped each other now and then; I hope never to be your enemy.
  3. You are generous with gifts of pain and unpleasantness. May your generosity be repaid twelvefold and sevenfold.
  4. I reach for you with glittering claws, and draw back a handful of ... what?
  5. You baffle me: why, in a school full of the attractive in six forms and three flavors, did you choose that? Still, having chosen, I must admire your loyalty and tenacity.
  6. I think that you are my best friend, among students, though I am not your best friend, which is as it should be. Though you have tricked me before!
  7. Considering who you are, I am surprised that I do not see you more often and know you better. With the help of an apartment mate, I daresay I shall do so.
  8. You sought to deny me something for the most selfish and petty of reasons. I shall do what you feared I should do, and remember you forever.
  9. Once a close friend, now less close but I hope no less a friend. When my scales were prised up, you saw beneath them, but smoothed them down regardless.
  10. You saved my life (from yourself), but you slipped out from getting your proper and traditional reward for such, just as if your name were accurate.
  11. You embarrass me. Haven't you learned that I hate you intensely, yet? Well, perhaps just "slightly dislike you intensely", but be assured, there is intensity there! Oh, and I am grateful for this and that and meatballs, but I still slightly dislike you intensely. Ungracious of me, I know, but this is supposed to be honest.
  12. I had hoped for more pleasant things with you than simply trying to see who could claw the other's heart the more deeply. Though I think you won, you and your allies. If you ever shake those allies, come back and we will try yet another round.
  13. So close, and yet so far away ... The monsters all say that you are a lesson to me, but I think they are wrong: you are nothing other than yourself.
  14. They say I should know you better. I say I should not share a city with you.
  15. I think you are my best friend, among non-students. Though you should tell me more important things!
  16. You are a proud arrogant fop. I would imitate you if I had a fraction of your wealth or style.
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