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OOC: Hobbit Birthday Party!

(This is the same as beetiger's offer, which is where actual requests should go 'cause she's coordinating them.)

Well, we're not hobbits, and it's not our birthday, but close enough. After quite a few years of procrastinating about it, we're finally in the process of having central air conditioning installed in our home. This is in part to keep beetiger slightly less cranky and more comfortable when the summer starts to roast us. But this required that I take everything out of the attic.

We have very dried-out wedding garlands, and a box of ribbons that bound us together at our handfasting. We have retired cooking pots. We have the box for Chromalkin, a Power Mac which we no longer own. We have silver-plated goblets, and wine glasses with asterisks upon them, and two pasta presses, and a snake heater which will be useful again soon.

And we have pottery. A lot of pottery. I have been pottering with pottery for, oh, half my life or thereabouts, and I'm nearly twice as old as lediva so that's a fairly long time. I've been giving pottery away for that whole time, and a good thing too, but I've kept quite a lot of it.

Once, when we moved in Ithaca, there was Too Much Pottery lurking in the Insidious Basement. (There was also Too Much Rotting Cardboard lurking there too, but we couldn't give that away.) We put a few boxes of excess pottery out on the street with a sign saying, "Free To Good Home", and by nightfall it was all gone.

That was in downtown Ithaca, though, where cool and nifty people were likely to walk by in large numbers. Nobody walks by our house here, really. So we're doing the same thing, only to a wider community of cool and nifty people: you.

Here are the rules.
  1. If you want a piece of pottery, tell me as a comment on Beetiger's journal or by email (beetiger@LJ). Feel free to express a preference for item type --- we have mostly mugs, bowls, dragons, and one of a kind weirdnesses - but ultimately we'll choose the piece we think you'll like best.
  2. You may either collect your pottery from us at Anthrocon, if you will be there, or we will send it to you via US Mail, in which case we will need your address. US or Canada please, just because postage costs can get ridiculous otherwise, sorry.
  3. You must offer us something in return. This need not be a physical item -- emailed art or stories, interesting local food items, offers of backrubs, dinner invitations, promises to update our website, etc. are all acceptable as well. If you would like to offer something physical, we will send you an address or connect with you at Anthrocon. We will send you the pottery as soon as we hear from you, not wait for your return gift; we trust you all to make good on your promises.
  4. Please make your requests as soon as possible and no later than July 8.
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