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The Destruction of the Teapot

Dubaille has fastidioussed thoroughly at Havune, and Havune is quite happy of that part at least.

From the other room, there is not complete delight. Dustweed had quite a nice antique ceramic teapot, thin porcelain, with the imprints of ferns on the sides, from the Verkoth dynasty of last century -- and, for the benefit of all monsters, a teapot is a vessel in which one puts hot water, leaves, flowers, and spices, and from which one pours forth steaming aromatic beverages all over one's clothing because, when one is using it, one is usually chatting with one's Rassimel girlfriend and one is evidently still stunned at the concept of a girlfriend, or a Rassimel girlfriend.

However, Dubaille confused the concepts of "teapot" and "teakettle". For the benefit of all monsters, a teakettle is a fireproofed leather or cloth bag with a complicated spout which one fills with water and places in the kitchen fire until steam screams from its nozzle, and one then calls one's fireproof Zi Ri roommate to fish out. The teakettle provides water for the teapot, you see.

But Dubaille has only been in a kitchen to steal poptaloops from the cook.

And Dubaille put the nice antique ceramic teapot, full of water, on the kitchen fire. And went back to his bedroom and took a nap. He expected to be awoken by a whistle when the water was boiled.

Instead he was awoken by Tethezai yelling at me for destroying Dustweed's valuable antique teapot, and me shouting back that I had not done (true), that I know which end of a kitchen is the hot one (true), and that I use breathfire to boil water when I want tea (false).

A gracious and honest Rassimel would have immediately explained his mistake and offered to make amends as best he could.

A less gracious and less honest Rassimel peeked his masky face out the door, and shrugged, and went back to bed.

Dustweed saved me from Tethezai's wrath, by means of reminding her that I was the one habitually used in place of a lifting-fork to take the teakettle out of the fire, and thus was well aware of the proper use of teakettles. Havune was out of the apartment the whole time, practicing martial arts and/or marital arts with Anoof, so he had not done.

*KNOCK*, *KNOCK*, *KNOCK* "Dubaille, are you in there?"

"Sure, one minute..." Though it was more properly nine minutes [1/3 hour, figurative for "more than one minute" -bb] before we saw his masked face again.

Well, the discussion was a bit bitter and a bit acrimonious. Tethezai is fierce and fearsome in defense of Dustweed, or even Dustweed's teapot! Dubaille, for his part, admitted no great wrongdoing, and even acclaimed himself for cleaning the teapot and sundry other dishes that Dustweed and Tethezai had left. In the end the two Rassimel agreed that Dubaille would replace the teapot, and be a bit more careful.

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