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Movers and Talkers

Rassimel move very quickly when they start moving!

"Move", of course, means "Move out of one apartment and into another." Thery acquired a great quantity of wooden boxes -- a dozen at least -- from Countess Gloun's estates. (Vows of fealty cut both ways.) Havune, his dispute with Thery being amply patched and healed by having her move out, acquired an even greater quantity of relatives -- nineteen, though three of them were under two years old, so the actual number was more like twelve -- and made a party of it, as Cani are wont to do. Yarwain helped. Dustweed helped. Tethezai was nowhere to be found. I, of course, could do very little but fly around overhead and amuse the puppies, or to sit on Dustweed's box and see if zie noticed the extra weight. (Zie didn't.)

Two caravans to get everything of Thery's out of the apartment. One caravan to get Dubaille's suitcases and other oddments into the apartment.

Yarwain and Havune paid for the moving party, which was traditional and mostly for Cani: a very big pie of chopped shellfish and minced liver and turnips and leeks; a leather cauldron of bean soup; big loaves of crunchy bread sprinkled with mustard seeds. Havune slipped the caterer a few extra lozens, and the bean soup was thick with duck and sausage, and there were poptaloops for dessert. It was very extravagant for an hour's work. I think that Havune was taking it as a chance to give a treat to his poor relations -- or to show his wealth and power to them? Both, maybe; Cani do that sort of thing.

Immediately upon getting home, Dubaille conscripted me as the Person Who Must Listen. I heard about his children, his soon-to-be-former wife, his regret that he can no longer hunt gamebirds on her estate with fork-tipped crossbow. He had a great deal to say. I heard about the fine sausages that the Lady Quissenden's cook makes, and how they were far superior to the ones Havune supplied today, and how the Lady Quissenden flung a laquered wooden chalice from the Tusuntu Imperiat at him in one of their recent arguments. He certainly had a great deal to say! I heard how upset he is that our eating utensils are so often wooden, for he prefers ivory, and that the Lady Quissenden should return to him the set of ivory ones he gave her as one of his marriage gifts, and how the Lady Quissenden's maid set a basket of his clothing outside under a tree, when he was leaving, and now it is covered with sticky sap.

And then Havune padded in to the common room, tail wagging, and asked Dubaille if he needed any help unpacking. Though I know it was mostly to make sure that Dubaille was going to be as neat as advertised, I felt just a tad rescued.

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