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The Barking from Beyond the Threshold

Thery and Havune are fighting again. This time it is more even. Havune is distressed at filthy, oozing tunics (such as might have been worn for a full day by a fairly neat student) near his nice clean bed. Thery is offended at Havune's frequent moving and reshuffling of her papers, in particular, motions which hide books she is trying to read. Perhaps the book in question was on the shared easy chair by the fireplace, and perhaps it should not have been; in any case, one can understand Thery's displeasure to find it under her pillow. Or, more properly, not to find it until quite late in the day. Havune was reduced to a wordless barking fury.

I clattered my claws on their door. "O honored apartment mates, please to dispute with all available quietude."

"Shall we write our disputations upon waxboards, as tonguebonded acolytes of the Order of the Drangui?" said Thery.

"Um ... perhaps you could be more quiet," I asked.

"Perhaps we could be. It has been a while since Havune and I cooperated on any topic at all."

"I'm sorry to hear that. Do you need a mediator?"

Havune said, "Probably, but not you."

"Why not me?"

"Because you are a stinking little both-female lover; what do you think? We'll get Tethezai to mediate."

Dustweed, behind me in the living room, thumped zir hands on zir chest and laughed.

"No, because at least one of us will have to live with you for some while more, and best if that one isn't particularly annoyed with you," said Havune. "Cani families do that -- when two people quarrel, the family always finds someone who isn't married to either of them to mediate."

"Are you thinking of moving out?" asked Dustweed.

"Yarwain and I are trying to find a room together. We're not sure of the dates yet." said Thery.

Dustweed and I stared at each other. "I guess I can't blame you," zie said. "That would leave us with a bit of a problem."

"Finding another roommate for the rest of the year, yes."

There was much unhappy quietness, and much discussion of other options and possible dates and all such as that. Tethezai was proposed, but she Will Not Do. For one thing, Havune will not share a room with me (nor with Dustweed); he can't endure Thery's messiness, and we are both twelve times worse. For another thing, she doesn't want to leave her very comfortable home.

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