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Tethezai wakes up like a bound lightning bolt spell. One instant, she is curled up in Dustweed's arms. The next, she is standing on top of Dustweed, flomping zir face with her tail, demanding that zie arise on the instant to enlighten and astound the overly staid city.

Well, not quite that fast. A ninth of an hour, though, while it was taking me a third of an hour to feel like getting off my nice warm log and into a bucket of water to get the ashes off my feathers.

Except, of course, there is no bucket of water waiting for me today. I had forgotten to fill it last night. Since it is early in the day and I sometimes need a good deal of cley, I couldn't go and get one. (For the monsters: a bucket of water weighs somewhat less than I do, but it's pretty much impossible for me to even levitate carrying one, and walking with one is out of the question. So I have to (a) levitate the bucket with a separate spell, spending a cley, or (b) coax someone full-sized into carrying it for me, which is rarely possible before everyone has had their kathia. I don't quite feel comfortable asking Tethezai to do it.)

(Note to myself: When we get to doing enchantment projects, making a water talisman would be entirely sensible. Water-carrying or water-making, though?)

So I went outside to the public fountain for a bath. The usual early-morning line was there, students and poorfolk and such who don't have well-rooms in their homes, or who haven't been able to afford having them maintained and repaired. The neighborhood fountain is a simple thing, eight stylized ivory faces (predictably, one for each prime species) breathing water. Well, the Cani face is clogged completely and the Sleeth face is just dripping. And they didn't put the Zi Ri face up where nobody could reach it except Zi Ri, unfortunately.

There's a good reason why I don't go to the public fountain in the morning. The line was awfully long; I must have waited nine minutes for my bath. Also all the Cani in the neighborhood were howling and snapping at each other ... well ... three teenagers were having a contest for affan in water-drawing, behind me in line, and I nearly got stepped on.

And somebug said, "Zie's washing the Herethroy off," and somebug else laughed a lot and said "I'd scrub even harder than that!" Not the first time I've heard things like that ... but now I know they're talking about me.

This is not to be tolerated. But I don't know what to do about it.

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