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The Seeker of Leeks; or, Many Dates

My Date With Seeks-Leeks Strenata

Tulterillo's makes a fine leek tart. It is not the leek custard tart that is traditional in much of the region, which is a piecrust filled with egg custard, diced smoked dried caterpillars, and shredded leeks. That would be traditional, and Tulterillo's is not about tradition. It is about innovation. Which is why I brought Seeks-Leeks there.

This leek tart is a thin pastry crust (flavored with smoked dried caterpillars), covered in a medium-sized hill of sauteed leeks, sprinkled with vicious cheese, and pressed under a heavy board before it gets broiled.

You can, if you are brave, cut a slice of it and turn it upside-down and wave it in the air, and it will almost entirely stay together. Fortunately, two little curls of leek will fly off and lodge in the neck-ruff of Judge Pelchergrey Mesidion-Porgue, who is dining upon potted flounder with her husband three tables over.

Fortunate? Yes, fortunate. This causes Seeks-Leeks to smirk and giggle and, after I tell her who she has beleeked, make puns about the legal system. [They don't translate, which is fortunate. -bb]

She is not the most serious or respectful Orren that I have ever met. Next time, I shall ask to ride home on her shoulder, and we shall see what we shall see.

Dustweed's Date With Tethezai

Tethezai took Dustweed home to meet her parents. Dustweed was, of course, terrified that they should interrogate zir, demand to know how dare zie sleep with their daughter, how dare zie sully their daughter's reputation by mingling it with zir own?

The reality was even more terrifying.

They treated Dustweed like a Great Baron. They spent the whole afternoon making court talk. I do not mean High Court Talk, about literature and art and hunting and flirting and all those amusement. I mean very serious court talk, about alliances and economics and duel-wars and hate-wars and succession disputes in foreign cities and League politics. Poor Dustweed might have been able to handle the former -- zie has been in classes for a while, after all -- but zie has been too concerned with zir own matters to pay much attention to the larger ones. (Aren't students supposed to be self-absorbed? I'm pretty sure they told us that in the Firstmost Lecture.) Dustweed was utterly lost.

It seems they are used to their daughter.

I do understand that Tethezai made it up to Dustweed later on, with an afternoon of student performances and a dinner of godlike salads. Dustweed was actually smiling a bit when zie told me about the matter.

Thery's Date with Yarwain

It seemed like a pretty ordinary Thery's Date With Yarwain to me. In any case, it wasn't in our apartment.

Havune's Date With Three Or Four Other Cani

Since Thery was out, there was considerable barking going on in Havune+Thery's bedroom until moderately late. Details were not forthcoming. Actually details were not asked for.

What do you do when your roommate is out for the evening? (Or, what would you do, were you sharing a room with a member of a different species?)

Invite three or four conspecifics ["members of the same species"] over for non-forthcoming-details.
Go to bed early, alone.
Drink too much vodka.
Study history.
Study ways to make explosions.
Study erotica.
Write polemics against your roommate.
Sleep in the bed rather than the fireplace for once.
Hire a spare temporary roommate to avert loneliness.
Wear improper garments.
Faint in surprise at the circumstance which you had thought to be preposterous.
Celebrate by going out to dinner alone.
Celebrate by going out to dinner alone, and then wonder why, because you can do that when your roommate is there just as easily.
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