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Squirming Back Towards Normal

Today I found an envelope stuffed under our door, marked, "to Sythyry, who has begun to understand." It contained a large-page tract explaining the theological and traditional justification for the execution of both-females at any time it is convenient. The arguments within held up against my reason and my historical understanding, though the tract itself did not hold up against my breath weapon.

[Large-page: printers in Vheshrame generally get sheets of paper big enough for sixteen or more ordinary pages, print the entire sheet, and cut them up. Sometimes the whole sheet is used without being cut, as in this case.]

The rest of the day proceeded much more pleasantly. Prof. Yrrkyrr brought in selections from the former Duke's collection of animated curios. One most excellent talisman, in the form of an ivory Cani warrior on a charger only slightly bigger than me, was not only animate and not only sentient, but sensible as well. When Nestrune criticized its clothing as being thoroughly out of date, it drew a tiny ivory toothpick of a sword and assaulted his boots using it as a pointer -- "Upon your left boot there is a wine-stain there *THWACK*! And an application of mismatching boot-paint there *THWACK*! And a spotted miscoloration upon the toe, that can only be the result of your misdirected micturation, there *THWACK*!' Not only sensible, but it exhibits good taste in choice of victim!

Prof. Yrrkyrr seems to be in some sort of trouble, though. Strenata complained about the noble's extension. Yrrkyrr told her that his actions were in accordance with Academy policy: favorable treatment given to one person must be given to everyone of equal or higher rank. "If you had truly wanted an extension, you should have chosen to be born a noble," he said.

"You could have given everyone an extension," she said. "You still could."

"It appears that I should not," he said. After class the Cani were muttering about how angry he smelled. "If I had truly wanted to behave equitably, I should have been born far from Vheshrame." And that was the end of the matter.

I realize I haven't mentioned Strenata before. She is an Orren student, as tall as a Herethroy, and thoroughly sprinkled with lilac spots. I had met her before -- one of Spirshash's parties, perhaps? -- but this term she is taking both Famous Collections and Spelunking. After class, seven or eight of us complained to each other in unison outside the Green Tile Classroom, and she smiled most pleasantly to me, and I to her.

If she hasn't heard too much about my unfortunate choice of roommate, perhaps I shall have more to write about Strenata in suitable time.

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