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Something Dreadful

I did something dreadful today.

I was running around all day about this matter of Dustweed. (I am temporarily obsessed with it. Anyone who says that Orren manners have rubbed off on me is probably right.) I consulted with the priests. Well, one priest and two graduate students in Applied Theology.

The priest and one grad student say that Virid never intended there to be both-females, that it was a divine oversight. Not as serious as the mistake that created the Khtsoyis (which was Accanax absolutely screwing up). She decided to share certain anatomical features between female and co-lover, which opened the possibility of, in a few cases, some other anatomical features getting shared by mistake: hence both-females. The (Herethroy) priest said that in all likelihood the mistake was harmless but that it probably a good idea to kill both-females at birth just in case, and certainly never wise to put them in positions of authority. The (Rassimel) student said that both-females were no more suitable in polite society than Khtsoyis, and that hence the usual Herethroy treatment of them was as good as anything else.

The other grad student (also Rassimel) denied the possibility that Virid made a mistake on anything as important to her as the Herethroy. She hinted at evidence that Virid had, in fact, created the Herethroy some long time before, and was well used to their structure and possible birth defects. (The main piece of evidence was their wide range of variation -- but the same goes for Zi Ri, and I've never heard anyone suggest that we were made before the World Tree. But our creator god is more creative than Virid. Very confusing. This is why I am not a theology student.) She went on to present evidence that (1) Virid didn't care one way or the other about any Herethroy's sex and neither should we, and (2) Virid specifically intends that Herethroy despise both-females.

At times, theology is not very helpful.

I also checked on some laws. In Vheshrame, there is a legal category of Proper Citizen, which includes all Herethroy. (Also all Cani, Rassimel, and Zi Ri; and all Orren who have broken fewer than eight contracts; and all Gormoror who have neither broken their Word of Honor nor killed anyone other than Gormoror or Khtsoyis. Sleeth and Khtsoyis can petition the Duke to be considered Proper Citizens. Theology was bad enough, but law is considerably worse.) In any case, ordinary laws about inheritance, lynching, trials, and all those things apply to all Proper Citizens. So in Vheshrame, which is what matters, Dustweed's title is assured, and the Herethroy who live in zir villages have the right to run zir out of town if zie actually tries to rule them, but not to refuse to pay the rents they owe zir. And any Herethroy who kills zir will be guilty of murder, if anyone bothers to bring them to trial. I am not sure if zie can count on zir parents to do that. Tethezai might, I suppose.

I also checked with the masters of etiquette and nobles' affairs. The general result was that both-female nobles should be treated like any other nobles with an incorrigible tendency towards wicked and criminal activity but whose deeds were not suitable for legal action: zie should be shunned whenever possible, and given zir perquisites whenever necessary.

When I got home, though, Dustweed apologized to me for not warning me what I was getting into when I moved in. It was not even a matter of shame, not 'til later. Zie was desparate; zie needed roommates in a hurry. Zie had two apartment mates agreeing to move in, but one got married by surprise and the other never came back to the academy.

So I said, "Think nothing of it."

I evidently was thinking nothing of it myself. I was so tired from a full day of research on what to do that I didn't remember who I was doing that research about, or what I had come up with.

The next time I am so very much a fool, I do hope it's over some appealing Orren or other. And I hope I get more than a spread-antennaed smile out of it. Though Dustweed is not known to smile all that often.

And never, ever think that I had intended to accept an apology this lightly. Really.

So now I am in considerable trouble. I can hardly continue to take offense at the deception, having already accept an apology for it. And, absent a personal offense, I can hardly storm out in anger, quickly or slowly, or take revenge when nothing suitable remains to taking revenge for.

So I suppose I am now restricted to "shunning wherever possible, and giving zir zir perquisites wherever necessary". Though exactly what that may mean when we're sharing a room for another few months is not something I am in a hurry to ask the masters of etiquette and nobles' affairs, much less the theology graduate students.

Havune's reaction to this: "Ah. Very convenient for you, Sythyry." I must re-emphasize that it was a simple mistake, caused by inappropriate haste of speaking, and not what I would have done had I spent a further twenty-seventh part of a second thinking about my words.

Havune didn't believe that when I said it either. My next free Enchantment project shall be a talisman that hides my scent, so I get at least a little privacy from Cani not-quite-mind-magic, or mind not-quite-magic, or whatever it is best called.

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