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Dustweed didn't meet my eyes this morning. Perhaps zie expects me to blast zir with some horrible spell or instrument of my grandfather's. (In point of fact, I thought about it, but only briefly and in the sort of way one considers suicide, or reading the mind of the Orren you hope to sleep with, or some other horrid act.) Zie hurried out of the apartment without eating, without talking. If I ever decide to apologize, it had best include the price of breakfast.

Havune was not so careful. Havune knew that I was upset -- there is no hiding any such thing from a Cani -- but he did not suspect why. The conversation went roughly as follows:

Sythyry:Why didn't you tell me?

Havune:[Blinking sleepily] Because it's not my business?

Sythyry:That's foolish and inconsiderate.

Havune:Or, perhaps, because you have not paid me the traditional go-between's fee? Or even let me finish making my morning kathia?

Sythyry:What are you talking about?

Havune:Spirshash's latest escapade, or course.

Sythyry:Don't be ridiculous.

Havune:[Peering closely at me.]What are you talking about?


Havune:Oh, Dustweed. Dustweed's getting quite seriously involved with Tethezai. Be glad: you might get a room without an actual roommate sleeping in it now and then.

Sythyry:[breathing fire in Havune's general direction, though not getting close to him] No, about Dustweed being both-female.

Havune:[menacing me with a pot of water]Stop that. What more do you need to know about it?

Sythyry:Why didn't you tell me a long time ago?

Havune:You didn't know?


Havune:How odd. Sythyry, you are a marvel and a gleaming paladin of cluelessness.

At which point I flew out of the apartment, also without breakfast. I consulted with Laryn Moorbent, who holds affan in matters of decorum in the ducal palace -- or, rather, I sent Moorbent a brief note and got a rather flatulent answer [See letters after last journal entry.]

Much later, after I slept through two classes, Tethezai cornered me in the buttery. She very politely and gently urged me to at least be civil to Dustweed, even if actual friendliness evades me. Official manners recommends that she threaten me at this point, typically with social difficulties -- Tethezai's family is sufficently influential to cause me various minor troubles, should they wish to -- but she quite oddly didn't.

The threat actually very suitable, and almost incidental. If I make Dustweed too miserable, zie will have to move out; Tethezai will, in need, provide zir a place to live. This leaves me paying more rent than I can afford, or grovelling at my ~sister~, or some other such unpleasantness. I can't imagine Havune or Thery being terribly helpful on the rent, if I have driven Dustweed out.

And the really odd thing, all day was that there was no really odd thing all day. Everyone else in Vheshrame knows about Dustweed; it is last years' news. Nobody but Herethroy cares any more, and even for them it is down to the point of habit rather than active concern.

I am entirely at a loss.

Poll #133303 Suggestions for Sythyry

Which of these are good ideas?

Getting Dustweed to apologize to me, and then returning matters to the status quo ante as best as possible.
Moving out, as Moorbent suggests.
Making it all look intentional, probably by deliberately acting bohemian and rebellious.
Threatening Tethezai back in some delicate way.
Ignoring the whole situation, concentrating on classes and Orren.
Go home and come back in a hundred years when all this is forgotten.
[Bard added this one in, apparantly without asking Sythyry] Apologizing to Dustweed.
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