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In Classes [16 Chirreb 4260]

The Green Tile Classroom, in Sprowlween Hall, is not the prettiest of my classrooms. It is smaller than most. The podium is somewhat off-center. Mistake of the builder? Or design of the artist? I cannot tell. In any case, the aethetics of the room are rather on the ostentatious side. The legs of the podium are covered with thin scales of green jade: so much stone that some postgraduate student was hired to enchant the podium so that nobody could prize scales off of it for stealing. Thus it is that the speaker in the podium scarcely need do more than whisper, and his voice is heard thundering throughout the classroom.

Professor Achitka Koimarth may as well have taught in this classroom for a thousand years. (In fact he is a young sort of professor -- but, if a professor of Tempador can't manage to have taught in the same classroom for a thousand years by the time he's forty, who could?) Absent Tempador tricks -- and in all clarity, I can see no sign of Tempador tricks -- I suspect it of being some Cani expertise in social matters: he knows when to whisper, and when to whirl around on the podium and boom forth some question to a formerly-inattentive Orren who had just started a reverie of fishing, drooping on her bench and thinking it safe because she was behind the professor.

The benches in the Green Tile Classroom are not well-suited for Zi Ri. If I sit on the low bench, I cannot see the professor through the higher. If I sit on the higher, I have no space for tablet and inkwell. Levitating takes enough attention so that I must miss bits of the lecture, or risk crashing to the floor and disturbing everything. Next session I shall come early -- after the first week, even the newest students can take direct routes to their classes -- and ask if I can sit on the rafters. Some professors might dislike the thought of not towering over all their students, but Professor Koimarth is Cani and should have no doubt who has affan in teaching, regardless of seating arrangements.
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