Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Interrogation of Jyondre [3 Thory 4385]

Me:"Jyondre, my Native Guide, how is it that you did not mention the peculiar meaning of mentioning that one is traff here? To wit, that when one declares onesself traff, one is, in effect, making a quite direct pass at the person to whom one is making this confession?"

Jyondre:"Is that actually peculiar?"

Me:"You have seen the wrongfolk sit around the parlor for hours at a time discussing the theory and practice of transaffection!"

Jyondre:"And split off by twos or threes afterwards!"

Me:"We split off by twos or threes after nearly everything; most of us are attached. I am referring to the peculiar Eigrach -- or Srineian? -- custom."

Jyondre:"But it is not a peculiar Eigrach -- or Srineian -- custom. It works just as well in Ketheria."

Me:"Oh, does it?"

Jyondre:"When one finds oneself wedged against the flank of a vast and quite appealing Gormoror woman due to the fortunes of seating arrangements in a floor-meeting in a Ketherian dormitory --- fortunes which one has arranged carefully based on rumors and suggestions --- and when, after the meeting is over and most of the participants have left, and one is still wedged up against her flank despite the couch being not a bit crowded in either direction any more --- and one mentions that one is traff in the shyest and most casual of tones --- one may well find onesself kissing within the next minute. And within the hour, being told that, should one sleep on the wet spot and, slumbering, slip into water form, that she would find that circumstance amazingly cute and be suitably moved. And within the day, each declaring that they have found true love in the other."

Yerenthax:"You exaggerate slightly! That bit about the wet spot -- well more than an hour. Nearly a dozen!"

Jyondre:"The prosody works better my way."

Yerenthax:"Bah! Set it to Gormoror staves! That is how truthful boasting is best declaimed!"

Me:"I suppose I can't deny that that confession works in Ketheria too. It's not the only way to present one's intentions there though."

Jyondre:"Nor in Srineia. Merely the best."

Which got him a well-deserved and ferocious Gormoror kiss from Yerenthax, and an end to further interrogation by me.

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