Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Hiding the Sun [23 Hispis 4385; Eigrach, Srineia]

Vae had just written a whiny letter to all of Eigrach, on a huge fireball which she had tethered over the city.

Most of us just sort of stared at it. Some with the bogglement of, "Aieee! Vae is so very very scary!", but most with the bogglement of, "Aieee! Vae is so very very emo!" I was in the "so very very scary" camp myself. I officially allow her -- or anybody -- to be emo for at least nine hours after getting a hand cut off.

Phaniet reminded me, "Hey, Sythyry. You're on the Eigrach payroll for dealing with nendrai messes now. Gonna go fix it?"

"Oy, yes. I suppose I ought to," I said. "Kantele, could you see if Vae can understand that she should take it down?" Kantele tried, but Vae couldn't.

So I flew up there and crammed the fireball into a pocket universe. This is the right approach because (1) that way nobody will accidentally fly into it and get fried, as might happen if I made it invisible or something, and (2) actually breaking the spell is hopeless 'til I get that cursed artifact made.

After which, I flew back down and curled up in Arfaen's lap and demanded petting like a Sleeth all through dinner, despite getting a few scowls from Mellilot. Which is going to be a problem later for at least one of the three of us, and probably more.

And I'm sorry if this is coming out whinier than usual. I officially allow myself -- or anyone -- to be emo for at least nine hours after getting pinned to the ground with a sword through the heart.

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