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Fear Every Orren Baker!

Tomorrow is Thery's birthday. Yarwain and I are the chief conspirators. (Ordinarily Havune would, since he's the Cani, but he and Thery are still not on the best of terms.) Yarwain is doing most of the arrangements. But -- foolishly! -- I said, "I'll get the cake, for Flooosh is my friend." (Flooosh, of course, is an Orren who runs the bakery nearby. Her actual name is Floosh, but we howl or moan it to tease her.)

So, quite foolishly, I flew to Flooosh's shop in midmorning, bought two poptaloops, sat in the open oven to eat them, and said, "Flooosh! It is Thery's birthday tomorrow. Make me a cake suitable for a Rassimel for her and a dozen other assorted primes!"

Flooosh is dangerous and devastating. She simply said, "Sure thing, Sythyry."

I just went to pick up the cake. It is a very reasonable cake, with dried fruit and all, and a tub of syrup to pour over it ... and the words "Happy Birthday Teltheryan" on it ... except that the words are curled around and over a distinctly gormless and extravagant blue sugar Zi Ri.

I asked her, "Flooooooosh? Didn't I order a birthday cake for Thery?"

And Flooosh answered, "Yes, indeed you did, Sythyry. That is the reason that I wrote 'Happy Birthday Teltheryan' on it."

So I asked, "Floooosh? Why am I on the birthday cake for Thery?"

And Floooosh answered, "Because I helpfully and conveniently did exactly what you ordered, Sythyry."

So I asked, "Floooosh? If I were putting someone on a birthday cake for Thery, wouldn't it be better to be Thery herself, or perhaps her boyfriend?"

And Flooosh answered, "I did wonder the same thing myself while I was making it, but you distinctly asked me for you on the cake, Sythyry. So I presume it was some sorcerous peculiarity or Zi Ri strangeness."

So I asked, "Floooosh? Exactly what and how did I ask you to make a cake with a blue Zi Ri on it?"

And Floooosh answered, "You said, 'Make me a cake.'"

I think it's about time for me to swear off of Orren for life again.

(P.S. the next day: at the actual party, just after I rather embarrassedly showed off the Zi Ri cake and had to explain it and get many teasings from many people, Flooosh showed up with a more respectable birthday cake, with a sugar image of Thery smooching the goddess Mircannis. Thery and Yarwain were smirking intensely, and I saw the glint of amber. I believe there was more plotting involved than just me and Yarwain.)

(OOC: beetiger, who sorta plays Floosh, just made me a small pile of nifty Sythyry pins for use at Jersey Devil Con or other events. Stop by and get one! Suprise limited! Void where prohibited!)

(OOC P.S.: The phrase "Void where prohibited" always seems to be to be a command to use the opposite sex's restroom. Obey me at your own risk!)

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