Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Off-Topic: Crowdsource Tarot reading for Sythyry

[I, Bard, had a minute to spare, so I decided to ask our Crowdsource Tarot for a reading for Sythyry. Here's what I got:

You asked: How should Sythyry deal with the current serving of Doom?

The Basis:
Gazebo, reversed
A gazebo stands unused in an open field, bedecked with flowers. A group of adventurers eye it warily, weapons drawn.
Meaning: Sometimes, the most unlikely things can end up biting you in the ass.

The Situation:
An impossibly tall, thin woman wearing a featureless mask struts down a runway in a frilly lingerie ensemble, while camera flashes illuminate her.
Meaning: Present yourself in the way in which you want to be seen.

The Outcome:
A meadow has been parched lately, for the flowers and grass are wilting, but now the rain and lightning of a sudden thunderstorm are falling towards it. A couple are racing from their picnic blanket for the shelter of an elm tree, but the storm's lightning is also reaching for the elm.
Meaning: Solving your current problems hastily will bring still worse ones.

You may ask another question.

Reading from The Crowdsource Tarot.

Of course, I daresay Sythyry will still solve zir current problems hastily.]
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